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"12 Fathom Jigs"
Quality manufacturer of artifical bait, fishing lures, fishing jigs and spinner bait.

"Aaron''s Bait and Tackle"

Provider of Baits and Tackles retailers of rods and reels etc.


Manufacturers of Custom Baits,bass fishing,fishing lures,bass baits,bass lures,fishing,bass,tackle,lures,spinnerbait,buzzbait

"Al. Foss Baits"

Manufacturer of Rind Baits and Lures Al. Foss began making his famous pork rind baits in Cleveland, Ohio in 1915.


Hand poured plastic baits made YOUR WAY! Our baits are made Super Soft to ensure the most realistic movements possible.


Manufacturers of Outlaw Baits, and manufactures Bulk lures for Fishing Industry.


Aqua World, a leading manufacturer of quality live bait tanks, livewells and baitwells.

"Aquanetics BAIT PRO"

Aquanetics presents the Bait Pro Jr system, an ideal economical flow-through live-bait merchandising system for the retailer

"Aquanetics BAIT PRO"

Manufacturer of baits Bait capacity will vary with type of bait, time of year and local water conditions

"Armstrong''s Cricket Farm"

Whole salers of cricket farm, live Bait, fishing tackle, fishing Bait,pet food,herpetological,herp feeders

"B&B Baits"

Manufactures Baits and accessories, JIG-A-JO Plastics, and the BEST bulk components etc.

"B.A''s Baits and Bassin Shop"

"Manufacturers of ""Beastmaster"" Spinnerbaits Custom Crafted Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits and Jigs! etc."

"B.A.''s Bait & Bassin'' Shop"

Supplier of The Original Beastmaster Spinnerbaits featuring custom crafted Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits and Jigs! Quality components etc.

"Bait Shuttle"

The Bait Shuttle is a compact, motorized device that transports your line across the water to the site you want to fish.


Baitstream provide top quality fishing baits using flavours from the top flavour houses


Producer of traps , baits , environmental health, pestcontrol , pests , barretine etc.

"Bass Fishing Baits"

Manufacturer of crank baits and spinner baits etc.

"Bass Fishing Soft Jerk Baits"

Manufacturers of Baits of two types they are Hard-Jerkbaits and Soft-Jerkbaits.

"Bassman Baits Company"

Manufacturers of Hand poured Fishing Baits, poles, reels etc.

"Batchmans Antique Baits"

Here is an ABC Minnow made by George Boulton out of Detroit, Michigan. It was patented in 1923

"Batchmans Antique Baits"

This bait had an internal depth control chamber, with a chamber for the minnow for both water intake and exhaust

"Beiramar Shipping Services"

Suppliers of Baits, stevedoring, and handles all import/export aspects etc.

"Bell Laboratories Inc."

Manufacturer of rodent control products including rodenticides, adhesives and plastic bait stations.

"Bell Laboratory"

Made from a unique manufacturing process, extruded baits contain food-grade ingredients and low wax


Benz from chennai, India is a leading manufacturer of hand-tied fishing flies and is exporting world wide


Manufacturers of Soft Plastic, Scent-Enhanced Bait with Brilliant New Array Of Colours


Producers of Bait and Tackles and rods, reels, lures, fly fishing equipment, fishing report etc.

"Betty and Nicks Bait and Tackles"

Producer of a full line of rods, reels, rigs, plugs, Baits and accessories to satisfy your fishing needs.

"Big Bag Bait Company"

Producer of favorite worms & jerk baits, tackles etc in the hottest colors


The leader in high quality soft plastic bass fishing products. Makers of tube baits, spinnerbaits, jigs


Bill''s Catfish Bait is excellent for chumming, applied to cutbaits, shrimp and sponge hooks in lakes, rivers, and ponds.

"Blair''s Bait Farm"

Manufacturers of Baits,Worms, worm photos, books on worms, information on worm hatcing and more can be found on this online worm farm

"Blue Water Bait Tanks"

These are hand crafted using high density polyethylene and the seams are thermoplastic welded

"Boats, Baits, Motors"

Supplies Boats, Baits, Motors, fishing, casino, sports, hockey, ski trail maps, snowmobile trail maps,

"Branson Internet Marketing Services"

Artificial Baits. Lake Taneycomo. Jigs used to scare me to death! To look at a jig and think you can really catch a fish


Calcutta Baits, offshore fishing supplier, tackles, baits,materials, demanded worldwide.

"Calypso Baits"

We manufacture and sell quality fishing products. These include Bait Bottom Decals, Reel Jackets and Jig Jackets.

"Cape Cod bait and tackle"

Cape Cod local bait and baitfish for, striped bass, bluefish, bonito, fluke, flounder, scup, tautog and more

"Capra''s Retail Store"

Suppliers of Lindy Bait Rigs, Gopher Tackle Gapen Fresh Water Tackle etc.

"Caribou Inc''s top line"

Produces fishing lures, soft baits, jigs, snaps, spoons, hard baits, leaders, weights and accessories.

"Carp Boilies Co."

Manufacturers of Boilies and associated products used in the making of the best selling carp Baits etc.

"Carp-l FAQ - Baits"

Manufacturers of Baits and live baits which caught most of the big fishes.


Castaic Soft Bait are used for boating softbait jigs rods rod reels reel line bait tackle stringers tacklebox


Provides Baits and dedicated to serving saltwater fishermen etc.


Producers of chark Bait, shark Bait fishing tackle, Food Saver, Owner hooks, Mustad hooks, Accurate fishing products


The finest jigs and lures available including the best plastic baits

"Chesapeake Fly & Bait Co."

Manufacturers of Baits etc.


A complete system for fishing with soft plastic lures, and components also be used with hard plastic lures and metal tackle

"Coopers Baits"

Coopers Bait specialise in developing new types of scientifically forulated fishing baits, based in the uk, and have a world wide presence

"Cotee Bait Co."

Producer of Artificial Baits, fishing tackles and was chosen best new fishing product of the year


Supplier of baits which vary from style and depth such as crank baits etc.


Suppliers of Wholesale Baits, Fishing Tackle - Simply The Best Wholesale Prices.


Producer of quality Baits, and a selection of lures which have proven themselves to be winners


Fishing lures developed by hard-core fishermen, which offers an unfair advantage. All of our lures are made of soft plastic Baits


We manufacturer of various fishing bait and accessory ...

"Dave''s Of Middlewich"

All the top products from the Worlds top suppliers. Top quality Bait plus unrivalled help & advice from staff


All Star and Rodstrainer Monster King Spinner Baits for Bass Fishing, Reticules and Tatted Note Cards ETC


Wholesale fishing lures, jigs, spinnerbaits, soft plastics, hooks, sinkers, buzzbaits


Manufacturer of hand-poured bass fishing baits in U.S.A


Dolphin Lures is the maker of scented fishing lures and baits steelhead, stripers, trout, wobbler etc.

"Drag-On Baits"



Ellevi - baits and groundbaits for sport fishing and fishing lures and other fishing accessories etc.


Suppliers of the Exterra termite interception and baiting system available for licensed and certified PCOs


Eurobait is one of the largest suppliers of quality live fishing baits in Europe.

"Fish Trap Lures"

Manufacturers of fish trap lures, fishing lures and plastic swim baits etc.

"Fishing and Hunting Products at Designer Baits"

Manufactures Designer Baits and Quietwear. Kabar Knives. Timberline Knives. Knife Store

"Fishing Tackle Online Store Photo Contest Tips Tricks Free Ads"

Online Fishing Website Free Ads Photo Contest Fishing Tackle Store Fish Reports Tips and Tricks . A user friendly internet site which welcomes all input from its users.


Fulri International Co.,Ltd. is a special company dealing in importing and exporting fishing taclke products, Baits, Lures, Hooks etc.


Manufacturer of baits and agricultural products for pest control operators termiticides, miticides, insecticides .


Manufacturers of lure(s), tackle, baitcasting, spinnerbait, jig, spinner jig, spinner, in-line spinner

"Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits"

We take great pride in offering you our line of highest quality and most productive soft plastic baits in the world


Gasek''s prerigged scented Baits scented worms are great for bass muskie and panfish fishing

"George T. Bluefish''s Platters and Baits."

Gorilla Meek Enterprises George T. Bluefish Platters and Baits Meeks and accessories etc.


GOLDON FISHING EXPEDITIONS offers a wide variety of fishing adventures flyfishing, trolling, spinning, or bait casting, we tackle it.


Manufacturers of Unusual Carp Baits etc.

"Harry-O''s Bait"

HarryO''s Tube Baits are made with 100 Percent Whole Crawfish, these are among the finest fishing lures on the market today

"Hawaii Lure: Leads and Baits"

Hawaii Lure''s , Supplier of Leads and Baits and other fishing accessories made by Futa

"Hawg Buster Bait Company"

Manufactuer of baits,popn tubes, super salt tubes,flippin tubes etc.


Wholesale amp retail live bait and tackle shop and wholesale, Live Bait, Tackle, Fishing Tackle, Lures, Hooks, Plugs, Leeches


Makers of Quality Musky Tackle Crank Baits that''s built to last etc.


Suppliers of buzz baits, spinner baits, jiggs, minnows, accessories and others etc.


Hand Made, award winning and champion producing Hog Sticker Spinnerbaits and Hog Jaw Jigs

"Hooked on Plastics"

"Suppliers of Castaic Soft Baits, which have hard plastic heads, soft plastic bodies, ""taxidermy"" quality eyes, and VMC hooks"

"Hughes Custom Painted Baits"

We paint custom paint schemes on any style hard bodied crankbait, topwater, and jerkbait.


Manufacturer and supplier of pheromone-based insect monitoring systems, traps, and bait protection equipment.


Producers of Jake Bait Plastics , quality is our priority, the integrity of our product etc.


Suppllies kellysworm, tree top bed and breakfast, fishing guides, fishing rods, live bait, artificial baits, artificial worms, lures, tackle


Quality hand-made fishing tackles,baits at the lowest prices. Lures, jigs, kits accessories etc.


Manufacturers of swim Baits and Hand-poured Baits and Accessories etc.

"Kamakazee Bait Company"

Kamakazee Bait Company, Selling High Quality Custom Fishing Baits and manufacturers of tackle and lure.


Producers of livewells, baitwells, live bait, aerators,areators, airators,aeriators etc.


Purchase bait and tackle, including Excaliber custom rods. Shop offers tide and weather updates, fishing guides and collectible equipment

"Lake Oroville"

Lake Oroville Bait and Tackle providing a Huge variety of fishing supplies.


"The ""BLAZER"" spinner baits are designed for all species and are also packaged with ""Klaw Klicker"" rattles and scent pods"

"Lip-Lock Lures"

Present the TROUBLE Spinnerbait, DOUBLE TROUBLE Spinnerbait ,WILLIE Spinnerbait, VELVET Spinnerbait etc.


Live Bait and Tackle Container has a built-in air pump to aerate water in a bait compartment for keeping bait alive within the compartment

"Longhorne Lure Ltd."

Manufacturers of Spinnerbaits, wormharness, stinger hooks, are all handmade with top workmanship

"LookSmart - Fishing Equipment Manufacturing Companies"

Manufacturers of livewells, baitwells and other aeration-based wells for prolonging the life of live bait in tanks


Suppliers of Crank Bait, Tackles, Fishlures, spinners, jigs, jig, jigging, casting, topwater woods, jerkin sam etc.


Manufacturer of maddog, maddog baits, spinner baits,buzz baits,bass baits etc.

"Mag-it Fishing Bait Suppliers"

Maggots Manufacturers of fishing, coarse fishing, bait, fishing bait, angler.


Supplies all marine accessories baits, lures, Sport-Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing, Saltwater, Salt Water, Salt-Water,


High quality spinnerbaits and bucktails made for muskie fisherman by a muskie fisherman


Custom made fishing tackle. Catch fish with our spinner baits and buzz baits.


"Manufacturers of Baits which are Ready to use, No odor; no mess, Low volatility"


Specialists in worm farming, composting products, worm bait for fishing, and suppliers of pet rabbits, located in Moffat

"Megabass General Baits Inc."

Manufactures of Baits, Lures, Fishing accessories, other fishing Equipments etc.

"Mentges spinner"

Each Mentges spinner and buzz bait is handcrafted in a variety of colors, sizes and style


Producer of spinner baits, spinning reels, rods, bearing and other fishing accessories etc.


The Worlds Best Buzzbait The Minnowbuzz bait combines extensive lake testing with innovative design features


Supplier of fishing, mountain stream, mountain, bait, colorado, trout, canon city, worms,

"Moyers Fishing Bait And Tackle"

Manufacturers of Trout Baits, but if you use your imagination, there are many as well.

"Mr Wriggles"

Suppliers of selected quality baits and amp, tackle for the match - pleasure and specialist angler.


Provides fishing tackle, lures, gamakatsu, war eagle, spinners, baits, spinnerbaits, hooks, B.A.S.S. Masters, rods, reels, crankbaits

"Musky Tackle, Inc."

This easy to navagate site is for those in search of Quality Musky Baits. Our lures are from top manufacturers and

"N.A.S. INC."

Wholesale bait, bait, fishing, fishing bait, fishing tackle, nightcrawlers, shiners, minnows, waxworms,

"ND Bait and Tackle"

Leading distributor of Strips and quot and cut Baits and quot and teasers.


Manufacturers of range of baits, boilies, mixes, additives, flavourings and other accessories available.


Producer of Slug baits which are available at many garden center, nurseries and discount stores.

"Onoatok Bass Outfitters"

Custom rods and baits designed by Onoatok Bass fishing tackle shop in Maryland.


Otter Creek hunting and trapping lures, baits and supplies are hand-made, not mass-produced


Produces baits for best results, get you bait to the bottom and keep it there as long as possible.


Mega Bait Lures have been tested and proven to produce many trophy fish in Japan''s fishing environment

"Particle Baits"

Particle Baits basically means small or mass baits. Particle Baits have just been associated with seeds, nuts, and beans.

"Pest Control Supplies"

Finely ground bait containing abamectin in tube or pressurized aerosol can.

"Poh Huat Trading Fishing Tackles"

Suppliers of all kinds of fishing tackles, baits, equipment and accessories

"Possum Fishing Lures"

Manufacturers of trout lures, pike lures, musky lures, crankbaits, jerkbaits etc.


Predator Baits lamprey have accounted for tope, huss conger and rays from the boats


Manufacturers of Baits and Hardware stores and catering suppliers sell small plastic boards


Producto Lure is the Manufacturer of Spinners, Crank Baits and Buzz Baits

"Public Health Insecticides - Hockley International Limited"

The Hockley range of mouse and rat baits is effective.

"RattleBaits &"

Producer of crankbaits with rattle chambers, long-billed divers for casting, plus fat wobblers and slender minnowbaits


Manufacturers of rodent baits,omega baits, for Agriculture and Specialty markets in the Western United States

"Redneck Lures"

Provides the famous spinner baits, buzz baits, jigs and shimmy shads and tail kicker.

"Reidy''s Lures"

Manufacturer of crank baits, minnows, australian lures, reidyslures etc.


Suppliers of pest control chemicals, rodent traps, rodent baits, insect aerosols, insect control chemicals, rodent control chemicals etc.

"Sandusky Ohio Bait and Tackle Shops"

Supplier of bait, tackle, fuel, minnows, worms, flies, lures, rods, reels etc.

"Scott''s Pro Shop"

Scott''s Pro Shop, rods,reels,bait,lures,worms,leeches,minnows,suckers,line,tackle,supplies etc.

"Scotties canvas"

Sells Bait, tackle, food, gas, and more. Used boat dealer and supplier of awnings, seats, canvas products

"Shark Bait Surf Shop"

Provides casual wear, shark bait, florida vacation, the keys, embroidered caps, snorkeling suit, summer fun.


Breeder of live fishing Bait and supplier of ground Baits and Suppliers of drill collars etc.

"Shimano Fishing"

Manufacturers of fishing reel, fishing tackle, fishing rod,Baits castling reels etc.


The new Shiner Shiner for ice fishing is designed to attract fish to your bait or lure on the ice.

"Skip''s Bait & Tackle"

Skip''s Bait & Tackle in Ocean City Maryland specializes in offshore fishing baits.


Producers of custom hand poured, soft plastic baits, scented baits, fishing lures, jig trailers, thrashers, saw edged, fishing baits,

"Source 1"

Wholesaler of pesticides and fertilizers to dealer/distributors of the Western United States New snail slug bait non-toxic to wildlife and pets


Producers of Baits and A great place for webmasters to visit for all of their web site needs

"sring chinook baits"

Produces Baits Salmon and Steelhead Fishing Bulletin Board & Classifieds Hosted by Piscatorial Pursuits

"Stalker Bait Co."

Manufacturer of Baits and Fresh and Salt Water Fishing Supplies etc.

"Stanley''s Bait Shack"

"Producers of Stanley Baits, Stanley''s Bait Shack offers domestic & imported beers, ""live"" music on weekends, pizza and sandwiches"

"Stour Valley Baits"

Stour Vally Baits offer a superb range of baits for all carp anglers. Our shelf life pop-ups are reckoned to be some of the best on the market

"Sun Enterprises"

Manufacturers and transporters of live bait, fish farming, aerators, fishing guides etc.

"Sun Enterprises"

Manufacturers of live bait, fish farming, aerators, bait, tackle stores etc.

"Super Slayer Tackle Company"

Manufacturers of fine muskie baits, featuring hand carved crank baits, jerkbaits, and spinnerbaits.


Manufacturer of AllPro professional pest control products, including baits , liquids, powders and granulars

"Tart fishing Tackle Repair and restoration"

Steve Tart repairs, restores, and refurbishes fishing rods and tackle, baits, baits casting etc.

"Teche Tackle Co."

Specialized in the production of custom made Spinnerbaits, Buzz Baits, and Jigs, but we also have Saltwater Baits, Plastics and other items


Terminator Titanium Spinnerbaits are the most revolutionary spinnerbait ever invented

"The Bass Coach - Jerkbaits"

Soft-Jerkbaits would be the soft plastic baits etc.


Manufacturer of hot swim Baits

"The Harris Angling Company"

Suppllies Unusual Carp Baits and containing everything you could want for every type of fishing


Manufacturer of landing nets for trout, bass, salmon, and baits and premier producer of Pepper lures, glass eyelets etc.


Extremely Well Stocked Bait, Tackle and Custom Rod Shop We have one the most extensive inventories of quality tackle available


Inshore and Offshore Tackle ,Rods and Reels Bait and Tackle , Repairs Custom Rod Building , Fly Tackle Live Bait


Largest live Bait suppliers in the United States, so we have a very large selection of worms and supplies.


Manufacturer of anti surge safety baffle systems, product transfer down spouts,gotcha live worm scent,bait scents,ankr yankr.


Manufacturers of premium musky bait for the discriminating trophy fisherman

"Viking Fishing Baits"

Producers of Fishing lures, trolling lures, casting lures, wobblers, spinners, fishing baits, fishing tackle, fishing accessories, lure parts etc


Manufacturers of fishing tackle, baits, sinkers etc.


Producers of Wacker Baits and carp angler and named after Americas Finest Urban Fishery.


Manufacturers of the famous Mini latch live bait threader, grabber spoons, spinners and cover all fresh water type fishing.

"Western Farm Service"

New snail slug bait non-toxic to wildlife and petsgrowth are available for innovative, skilled crop consultants

"White Marlin lures & baits"

Producers of Lures and Baits with very light drag, razor sharp hook, and increase the drag up to strike

"Wildlife Trapping Baits & Lures"

Provides the following professionally manufactured baits and lures below. Some baits are post paid others are not

"Willie''s Custom Baits and Offshore Tackle, Inc."

Manufacturers of Trolling baits and Custom tackle. Natural Baits, custom rigged by professional Fishing Captains


Wishmaster big baits,handcrafted cedar big baits for saltwater and freshwater fishing canadian made baits, handmade wooden baits etc.


Produces Trolling, Stream Fishing, Lake Fishing, Spinner, Crankbait, Hooks and accessories etc.


Suppliers of prepared baits. Junnie''s Cat Tracker baits, one of the hottest baits in years

"Zoom Baits - Virginia Guide Bait Company"

Offers a complete line of soft plastic fishing baits for both freshwater and saltwater.

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