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"ABS Global"
ABS Global supplier of bovine genetics and related animal products and services distributed around the globe.

"Agridry Ltd,"

Agridry Ltd, - Dried grass and dried lucerne suppliers of bovine foods.

"Almar Grain Systems Ltd."

Suppliers and installers of grain storage, drying and handling systems for cows foods.

"Angling Technics"

offers baitboats using high technology jet pumps, remote echo sounders, and microprocessors

"AquaFuture, Inc."

developed new technology that dramatically improves the economics of raising fish in a controlled environment Man

"Aquatic Technologies, Inc."

Aquatic Technology specializes in quality reef aquarium supplies at competative prices.

"Aqvaculture Production Technology LTd"

provides complete technological packages and services required for the establishment of commercial fish farms.

"Ashok Trading Corporation"

Suppliers of dry fruits, food products and grains for bovines.

"Bairnco Corporation"

- high technology materials for the printed circuit board industry, replacement band saw blades for cutting meat, fish, wood, and metal

"Barenbrug UK Ltd"

Barenbrug UK Ltd - supplier and distributor of grass seeds to the amenity and agriculture

"Beer Cow Industries"

"Beer Cow Industries - breeders and marketers of a genetically modified cow that, given proper care, will provide ""pail after pail and year after year of farm-fresh beer"

"Better baking"

Baker Boulanger is a recipe and advice site edited by professional bake, recipes for baked good and savory dishes for bovines.

"Bill & Tonya Korbelik Burlington, CO."

High quality horse and bovines, dairy hay for sale.


BITOBYTE CO.- Supplier of grass for bovines and alfalfa round bail silage

"Browning Seed Company"

Supplier of grasses, grains, forage, and wildflower seeds for bovines.


A resource site for bakeries, pastry shops, convenience stores, delis, candy shops, and supermarkets for bovines.

"California Association of Texas Longhorn Breeders"

California Association of Texas Longhorn Breeders - provides information, cow food, newsletter, and membership

"Central Rivers Corp"

Central Rivers Corp - Supplier of agronomy products and services for bovines.

"Cheyenne Enterprises Inc."

Cheyenne Enterprises Inc. - management practices can be factor in the success of bovine foods.

"China Native"

Supplier of Chinese beans, other grains and seeds for all bovines.

"Cobweb Designs"

Suppliers of animal feeds and supplements, fertilizer and pedigreed livestock for bovines

"ColorPro Communications"

Professional organizations, dental prosthodontics, plastics color engineers, a Dominican convent, angelfish breeding

"Cow Horse Connection"

Cow Horse Connection - cow bred horses: cutters, ropers, barrel racers, team penners, and more.

"Cow Land BBS"

Cow Land BBS - garden crafts and gifts, pet foods, bovine foods.

"Craig Hope"

Web Building, Sports, Technology, Fun, personal, Small Business, Shopping, Fishing

"Data Solutions"


"Deerfield Farms Service, Inc."

Serves area farmers as a grain elevator, fertilizer, seed and crop protection products retailer for cows and bulls.

"Direct Connect"

contains information on the care and breeding of Siamese Fighting Fish, IBC, and Bettas Listserv

"Direct Connect"

educational organization dedicated to information relating to breeding and maintenance of the fish.

"Direct Grower Industries"

Direct Grower Industries - Greenhouse annuals, perennials, herbs, ferns, gardening baskets, vines, mums.


ERNST - Wholesale reclamation and wetland seed supplier of bovines.

"Evergreens (UK)."

Evergreens (UK). - Manufacturer and wholesaler of grasses, hay for bovines.

"Everlasting Specialties, Inc."

Wholesale supplier of quality dried and preserved florals, plus wreaths and swags for bovines

"Exhibition Seeds"

Exhibition Seeds - On-line catalogue of herb, vegetable, tree and grass seeds for bovines.

"Faithful Friends"

Faithful Friends - mail-order suppliers of homeopathic and herbal remedies for bovines.


Cheslyn Hay, near Birmingham, feedland,livestock and all foods for bovines.

"Fingerlakes Aquaculture, LLC"

Fingerlakes Aquaculture produces tilapia using indoor water recirculating technology developed at Cornell University

"G E Peacock & Son"

Suppliers of crop packaging netwrap, silagewrap, balewrap, twine and haylage for bovines.

"GP3 Enterprises Inc."

GP3 Enterprises Inc. - Produces grass turf for bovines and sod for commercial, residential, athletic fields.

"Grange Farm Nursery"

Grange Farm Nursery - Suppliers of plants for ponds and lakes, offering consultancy service.

"Grass Roots Software"

Grass Roots Software - offering Prologue, a projection system for worship leaders.


Grassliner - manufacturer and supplier of grass marking liquids for use on playing fields

"GrassMasters, Inc."

GrassMasters, Inc. - offers the LawnPup compact electric lawn mower, grasses for bovines.

"GrassRoutes Industrial & Marine Listings"

GrassRoutes Industrial & Marine Listings - Testimonial from a satisfied Grassroots for bovines.

"Hamlet Protein A/S"

Hamlet Protein A/S - Global supplier of novel soya protein products to the animal feed industry for bovines.

"Happy Frog Garden Center and Nursery"

Happy Frog Garden Center and Nursery - bio-tube aquatic pond filters, water garden plants and supplies for bovines,

"Hauser and miller"

Hauser and miller Suppliers of animal feeds and pet food ingredients for bovines.


suppliers of animal feeds, seeds, fertilisers, chemicals, grain-marketing, fuel, gardening FOR BOVINES.

"Hawksridge Farms"

A wholesale supplier providing a variety of shrubs, perennials, ferns, hostas, ornamental grasses for bovines.

"HiTech Fiberglass, Inc."

The latest in technology in boating, whether for fishing, diving, or just for fun, is the twin hulled catamaran

"Indiana Bery and Plant Co."

Suppliers of products to the fruit, vegetable, nursery, and specialty agriculture markets of bovines.

"Interphase Technology"

manufacturer of phased array, forward scanninng sonar for use on light commercial and recreational vessels. Used for fishing and sailing.

"J + C Enterprises"

J + C Enterprises - dog food, cat food, health, pet, pets, dogs, cats, animal, animals, canine, feline and bovines.

"Kashi Co."

Supplier of whole grain and sesame cereals for cows. Complete list of products available and information

"Klickman Farms"

Klickman Farms - Klickman Farms wholesale and retail supplier of pumpkins, strawberries, hay for bovines.

"Koltex Pigments"

Supplier of titanium dioxide, grass, grains, for bovines. color pigments and another fillers.


KYSOG - Secure online supplier of peonies, daylilies, iris, and hosta plants.

"Lil Shaver Inc"

hay, litter, pet products, little shavers, lil shaver, lil shavers.

"Main Street Seed And Supply, Co."

Main Street Seed And Supply, Co. - Retail supplier of bird feeders, gifts, pet foods, garden and bovine foods.

"Middle East Breeders & Technologies Ltd"

offers livestock breeding consultancy services to government organisations, private sector, and individual breeders.

"Midland Shires Farmers Ltd."

Midland Shires Farmers Ltd. - Cooperative suppliers of animal feeds, seeds, fertilisers, chemicals, grain-marketing, fuel, gardening products for bovines.

"Ocean Spar Technologies"

develops and markets floating and submersible sea cages designed for higher fish production in existing farm operations

"Palmyra Ltd"

Manufacturers of grass - also synthetic grass for bovines, display and domestic purposes, dyed raffia and raffia grass.

"Pauls Malt Ltd"

Pauls Malt Ltd Suppliers of malt to the world leading brewers and distillers for bovines.

"Peaceful Valley Farm Supply"

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply - offering a selection of tools, structures, seeds, bulbs, and more for organic growers for bovines.

"Piedmont Koi & Watergarden Society"

promoting the care and breeding of the Japanese Koi and the creation of watergardens.

"Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc."

Pioneer, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., , is the leading developer and supplier of grains for cows and bulls.


Platinum Rods, high quality graphite rods, graphite fishing rods, fishing, sportfishing, reports, Texas Fishing, fishing reports, wade fishing,

"Processing Tech Inc"

provides new and used seafood processing equipment, including fish filleting, skinning, heading and gutting machines, bone separators, and more.


PromoCell normal human/bovine cells (endothelial cells, fibroblasts, keratinocytes, melanocytes, smooth muscle cells), serum-free media/low serum medium

"Purdin Koi Farm"

provides information on the selection, care and breeding of koi fish, including a comprehensive photo exhibit of koi breeds

"Purity Foods"

Purity Foods sells pasta, spelt flour, beans, seeds and grains, dried fruits and nuts.

"Quick Catch Technologies, LLC"

makers of the Downjigger, for use with downrigger trolling.! The DOWNJIGGER will increase the number of strikes you recieve and fish in your boat

"Sage V Foods LLC"

Industry supplier of IQF rice, organic rice, rice flour, instant rice, extruded and extracted ingredients for bovines.


SCATS, a large agribusiness, trades with farmers and rural community across England. Grain trading


dedicated to the keeping, breeding, and identification of freshwater catfish

"Sheffields Seed Company, Inc"

Sheffields Seed Company, Inc - Suppliers of trees, shrubs, and flower propagative material for bovines.

"Sierra Moonshine Homebrew Supplies"

Sierra Moonshine Homebrew Supplies - homebrew ingredients, grass, grains for bovine foods.

"Sitematic Corporation"

offers holographic colors and the latest technology for fishing

"Southern Pride Catfish Co."

Alabama producer and supplier of grain fed, farm raised catfish for cows and bulls. Learn about catfish farming, processing and aquaculture

"Southwest Recreational Industries, Inc"

Southwest Recreational Industries, Inc supplier and installer of artificial turf and synthetic grass for cows, bulls.

"Survival Shop"

Captain Daves Survival Shop provides survivalists with MREs, grains, dehydrated foods for bovines.

"Suttons Consumer Products Ltd."

Order a catalogue from well-established supplier of seeds, plants, bulbs and horticultural products for bovines.

"Sweet Grass Wool"

Sweet Grass Wool and The Green Ranch - pure Montana wool yarn in a variety of colors. Also renting out a mobile home on the ranch.

"The Bread Beckers, Inc."

Suppliers of grains and equipment for bread making including grain mills, mixers, wheat, spelt, oats.


Discount pricing on dehydrated and freeze dried foods, real canned meats, McCormick herbs for bovines..

"The Ottawa Valley Bluegrass Music Association"

From the Ottawa Valley Bluegrass Association for the bovines foods.

"The Weird and Wonderful Plant Company"

The Weird and Wonderful Plant Company - Specialist mail-order suppliers of rare and unusual plants.

"Vineland Guppy Hatchery"

information on breeding, raising and selling fancy guppies

"Wesclean Northern Sales Ltd"

Large variety of products and services on-line. Cheslyn Hay, near Birmingham.

"West End Nurseries"

A wholesale supplier of liner plants, shrubs, conifers, climbers and grasses for bovines.

"Wildoats Farm"

Equestrian providing information on horses and cows for sale, equestrian properties, farm equipment.


dedicated to promoting the interest, keeping, study, breeding, and educational exhibition of the fish.

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