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"A-One Feed Supplements Ltd"
A-One Feed Supplements Ltd are the manufacturer of feeds for all classes of livestock,pet feeds,sheep feeds,horse foods etc

"Ag-One, Inc."

Ag-One, Inc.Ag One manufactures and distributes natural, organic formulas of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. remedies and treatments maintain the immune system of hogs, sheep, cattle and dairy co

"Agri Mark Co-op"

Agri Mark Co-opAgri Mark Farmers Coop, offers secure online ordering on products for horses,cattle,swine,vegetable seeds,livestock equipment

"Agri Mark Farmers Co-op, Inc."

Agri Mark Farmers Co-op, IncAgri Mark Farmers Coop, located in Ashland, OH, offers secure online ordering on products for horses,cattle,swine,vegetable seeds,livestock equipment .

"All-American Club Lambs"

All-American Club Lambs offers sheep,cattle,goat feeds,breeding and Midwest Stud Ram and other breeds

"Alternate Solutions"

Alternate Solutions deals breeding,exhibition riding, Icelandic sheep breeding stock, felt products, fleece,etc

"Amber Waves Pygmy Goats"

Amber Waves Pygmy Goats offers feeds for sheep,goats and deals breeding of sheep,goats andgoats for sale

"AMERICAN Hampshire Sheep"

AMERICAN Hampshire Sheep producers as goat semen and breeding stock sheep breeder.

"Anderson Show Steers"

Anderson Show Steers is committed to providing quality cattle with quality service,pet feeds,sheep feeds etc

"Angel Camp Farms"

Angel Camp Farms provides adequate nutrients for both grazing and forage feeds forsheep,goats cattles etc

"AnimaGraphics Inc"

AnimaGraphics Inc has been breeding Registered Highland Cattle,gaots sheep and deals feeding of these animals

"Aquafind COMMERCIAL Ornamental Trading board"

SOURCE FOR Exporters Marine Fish and Freshwater Fishes...

"Aquaria Freshwater Livestock"

Apple Valley Discus should have some our own Blue Diamond Discus babies available

"Aquarium Links"

links to aquarium fish resources on the Web, freshwater fish

"AquaTech Site Map"

aquaculture technology, fish farming systems, fresh water fishes, a, Consulting, Fish Books, Magazines, Freshwater Fishes, Fishery, Fisheries, Atlant


AquaWeb is designed to be your jump-off point to a wide variety of If you like fish, then you should make AquaWeb your Home Page t

"Aussie sheep and wool products"

Aussie sheep and wool products deals breeding,feeding of sheep,cattle and other pets and also provides products from sheep.


babydollsheep are sheep farmers and breeders ,they also provide antibiotics for cattle .

"Barbara & H.B. Garvie"

Barbara & H.B. Garvie manufacture and breeders of champion show lambs and sheep

"Barpipe Farms"

Barpipe Farms is , raising high quality Horned Hereford breeding stock feeds for sheep.

"Barranca Ranch"

Barranca Ranch offers Health & Nutrition to sheep,breeds sheep,cattle goats and lambs

"Barton Farm, The"

Barton Farm, The deals breeding of Hampshire Down sheep and the Barton Flock,feeds for sheep,cattle etc

"Bide A Wee Farm"

Bide A Wee Farm specializing in Navajo-Churro Sheep and offers sheep feeds,cattle,pets and other animalsfeed

"Big Picture Technologies Inc."

Big Picture Technologies Inc offers natural hog and sheep casings for home sausage makers around the world.

"BioZyme Incorporated,a Animal Nutrition and Microbiology Co."

BioZyme Incorporated,a Animal Nutrition and Microbiology Co and food for sheep and cattle . .

"Birkett Mills"

Birkett Mills supplier and retailer of buckwheat products for animals like sheep, horse etc

"Black Sheep Bistro"

Black Sheep Bistro featuring specialty French, Italian, and Spanish food for sheep

"Black Sheep Of Wales USA"

Black Sheep Of Wales USA provides feeding,breeding of sheeps,cattle and products suchas hand-knit and machine-knit woolen sweaters,


BLACK SHEEP PROMOTIONS Black Sheep Promotions and sheep breeding , marketing advertising and promotional imprinted products gifts logos

"Black Sheep Winery"

Black Sheep foods from Winery produces wines handcrafted from grapes grown in Calaveras, Amador and El Dorado Countries

"Blue Flag Farms"

Blue Flag Farms offers feeds for pets sheep,cattle poultry and Breeders of Shetland sheep in Lorimor, Iowa. Lambs and fleece for sale.

"Border Leicester Sheep Breeders"

Border Leicester Sheep Breeders offers origin, description, uses, and advantages of this breed.

"Breeders World"

Breeders world distributor of Beef Sheep Hogs Livestock Breeders and sheeps breeders also animal feeds.


BreedersOnline is the place for livestock from breeders to associations to products to services! Features include a message board, chat room, free classifieds, livestock books, and more!

"British Aquatic Resource Centre Links"

An aquatic platform for hobbyists, producers, publishers, petshops and clubs. Lots of information, articles,

"Broadfeed Ltd."

Broadfeed Ltd. supplier of food for commercial animals, including horses, poultry, sheep, cattle, and pigs, as well as for pets.

"Broken Dollar Ranch"

Broken Dollar Ranch deals breeding,supplies feeds for sheep,goats and produce 125 purebred yearling rams and 130 replacement yearling ewes

"Buffalo Creek Land Company"

Buffalo Creek Land Company provides feed for sheeps,cattle and breeds and Buffalo Creek Red Angus breeds

"Bushleigh Suffolks"

Bushleigh Suffolks offers feeds for sheep,cattle,breeding and Flock of pedigreed Suffolk sheep - shearling and ram lambs for sale

"ButterCreek Farms"

ButterCreek Farms provides sheep fleeces,involves breeding and feeding of sheep,goats etc

"Cabrito Market"

Cabrito Market provides sheep,goat cattle feeds,breeding andhigh quality breed and slaughter stock for sale

"Callson Agriculture Ltd"

Callson Agriculture Ltd is the suppliers of animal feeding stuffs such as pet feeds,sheep feeds,horse feeds etc

"camilla enterprises"

Camilla Enterprises, specializing in animal health, nutrient supplements and truck line carrier services.


CARDWELL SHEEP offers sheep,cattle,pet feeds,breeding and provides Suffolk Breeding Sheep & Club Lambs

"Carlson Farm"

Carlson Farm provides feeds for sheep,cattle,pets ,breeding and offers produce healthy lambs and fleeces

"Cerro-Mojino Woolworks"

Cerro-Mojino Woolworks offers sheep feeds,cattle,pet feeds and New Mexican farm specializing in Navajo-Churro Sheep and custom yarns.

"Charles Turner"

Charles Turner provides feeds for sheeps,goats,producing goats Fort Worth, San Antonio, San Angelo, the West Texas Fair, Montgomery AL variety of breeds

"Chisick Family Farm"

Chisick Family Farm is the breeder of Icelandic Sheep and Icelandic Sheepdogs,offers pet feeds,sheep feeds and feed for other animals

"Chuck Hume"

Chuck Hume carry the largest selection of natural foods and supplies for sheep,goats and other animals.

"Cloud Suffolks"

Cloud Suffolks offers petfeeds,sheep feeds and specialize in healthy, productive and prolific, certified scrapie free, DNA tested spider free, large framed, fast growing Suffolks

"Club Lamb Page"

club Lamb Page Club Lambs, Breeding Sheep, Show Ring Winners, Bucks, Rams.

"Commercial Fishing"

Commercial Fishing Commercial fishing may rebound, to a small degree, due to new regulations governing the Freshwater Fish Marketing Board.

"Complete Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Southern"

Complete Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Southern Africa field guide type book

"Cookbooks, Menus and Bytes"

We have specialty cookbooks on floppy discs. All recipes contain the specialty item, we have 5 different cookbooks

"Coppersmith Sheep Co"

Coppersmith Sheep Co is the Western Dorper Sheep Breeders offering sheep,cattle,pet feeds.

"Cornerstone Enterprises"

Cornerstone Enterprises provides club lamb breeders, Suffolk sheep breeders, sheep foods purebred Southdown sheep breeders ,feeds for sheep,goats etc

"Cornerstone Enterprises"

Cornerstone Enterprisescrossbred club lamb breeders, Suffolk sheep breeders, purebred Southdown sheep breeders .

"Cornerstone Enterprises"

Cornerstone Enterprises provide food ,antibiotics for sheep, cattle, and hog supplies and services

"Cornerstone Farm"

Cornerstone Farm provides Registered Black Angus Cattle ,feeds sheep cattle goats, breeding of sheeps and sale.


Wholesaler Freshwater Tropical Fishes from the Blue Ridge Jobbers

"Creekview Farms, Inc."

Creekview Farms, Inc. offers feeds for sheep,goats and are the Breeders of Maine Anjou, Shorthorn, and Simmental Club Calves.

"Cumbrae Farms"

Cumbrae Farms providing an excellent water source for the sheep and cattle ,breeds sheep,goats cattle

"D.B. Kenney Fisheries Ltd."

Processes frozen, fresh, and salt fish as well as scallops and lobster.

"DairyBusiness Communications"

DairyBusiness Communications offers sheep feeds,breeds and focuses on profitable, high producing and high indexing genetics.

"Dan Lutgen"

Dan Lutgen is dedicated to raising high quality feeder cattle for the feedlot man or for the stock cow producer and feeds for sheep,cattle goats.


Freshwater fish were able to migrate from the southern hemisphere continents to North America and Euro

"DNA Technologies"

DNA Technologies deals Embryo Transfer in Cattle, Sheep and Goats to improve the quality of Livestock and Milk production. Breeding programmes for sheep goats

"dot com biz card Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Network"

dot com biz card Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Network are breaeders and suppliers of healthy sheeps and goats.

"Double Bar D"

Double Bar D is a small family owned flock located in NE Ohio,provides breeding,feeding of sheep and quality hampshire sheep

"Double Bar M Ranch"

Double Bar M Ranch buy and sell cattle of all varieties and breeds to satisfied buyers and sellers,breeds,feeds sheep and cattle foods.

"Double O Ranch"

Double O Ranch provides premier Boer Goats,supplying breeding stock for goat farmers and ranchers to improve the size and quality of meat goats

"Double S Liquid Feed Service"

Double S Liquid Feed Service provides Solid Feed Supplements for sheep and goats such as protein,fat fiber etc

"Drudik Suffolks"

Drudik Suffolks offers Suffolk rams, ewes, and club lambs,pet feeds,sheep,horse and other animal feeds.

"Easter Road Farms."

Easter Road Farms are the new breeders of purebred Highland Cattle. provides feeds for sheep,goats and does breeding.


Sheep and Goat breeders and cheesemakers, and largescale sheep breeders.


EWEPHORIC offers Dorset sheep breeding stock and sheep and Border collie gifts,pet feeds,sheep feeds and other animals feeds


Specialist importers of high quality fresh water fishes conditioned fancy goldfish,tropical fish and - COF goldfish importers.

"Fairlea Ranch"

Fairlea Ranch provides selected herd of superior animals of sheep,cattle goats,deals breeding and feeding of these animals

"Fairmeadow Farm"

Fairmeadow Farm provides breeding,feeding of sheeps and goats andlarge herds of Polled Wiltshire in the UK and Australia

"Farmers Stock Exchange"

Farmers Stock Exchange deals breeding of American Boer goat,feeds for sheep,goats cattle.

"Fibre Works Farm"

Fibre Works Farm offers feeds for sheep,cattle,pets and specializing in Shetland Sheep, Norwegian Buhund stockdogs, and alpacas. Located in central Alberta.


Producers of Finn Sheep Breeds, Finn Texel Sheep, Lambs, Lamband Sheep breeders distributing.

"Fish Disease charts of aquarium fish medications for baths"

Fish Disease charts of aquarium fish medications for baths and dipse

"Fish Link Central"

Links to Freshwater Aquarium Sites

"fish link central"


"Fish Link Central: Bookstore"

fish,aquarium,aquariums, aquaria,fish tank,piranha,freshwater,marine,cichlids,plants,aqua,catfish

"Fish-N-Map Company"

Producers of freshwater and saltwater fishing. Freshwater and Saltwater fishing maps are used to find fishing spots in unfamiliar lakes etc.

"Fishing & Hunting Books"

fishing and hunting books available for purchase online from amazon

"fishthings News Page"

The International Encyclopedia of Tropical Freshwater Fish


Flockmaster,The British Website provide information on domestic animal breeds, Breed Societies sheep Associations

"Flower Hill Farm"

Flower Hill Farm has been breeding llamas for sheep, breeds sheep and feeds for sheep,goats cattle etc

"Flowers Farms"

Flowers Farms offers lambs and hay,feeding,breeds and breeders of champion show lambs.

"Formula Two Flakes"

Formula Two Flakesosi, formula two, ocean nutrition, plecostomus, algae eating fish

"Franz Club Lambs"

Franz Club Lambs provides pet feeds,raise winning show lambs at an unbeatable price,horse feeds etc


FRANZFARMS offers feeds for sheep,goats,breed sheep and goats and Breeding lambs

"Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Sales and Service"

Only Aquatics - Nashville Tennessee''s number one High Quality Freshwater, Marine and Reef

"Freshwater Books"

Freshwater Books F r e s h w a t e r B o o k s Welcome to VersAquatbook''s title bar below to view additional information or purchase


ONE of the best suppliers of Live fish and equipment

"Freshwater Fish in Shetland"

Only seven species are currently definitely established in Shetland, all of which have a salinity tolerance or have a marine phase.

"Freshwater fishery resources"

China is one of the countries that have the biggest freshwater area in the world.

"Freshwater Fishes in Malaysia"

All Freshwater Fishes including Tarpon, Ladyfish, Aruan, Ruan, Toman, Paya, striped snake head etc.

"Freshwater Fishes of the World"

Supplies Freshwater fishes of the world like catfish, labyrinth fish, gold fish,caracins, cachlids etc.

"Freshwater Fishing by Coyote"

offers information on fish found in the freshwaters of England and related fishing tackle.

"Freshwater Flyfishing on Cape Cod"

Freshwater, fly, fishing, cape, cod, tackle, techniques, seasons, charters, largemouth, smallmouth

"FRESHWATER MOLLUSCAGastropoda and Bivalvia"


"Freshwater Resources"

an international organization dedicated to the conservation of aquatic life and with a focus on freshwater fishes.

"Freshwater ResourcesSpecies Specific"

Freshwater Resources Freshwater Resources Species Specific Freshwater Fish Catalog An AquaLink Exclusive,

"Freshwater Stingray - Fish Chat"

freshwater stingray, potamotrygon motoro, Potamotrygon hystrix, potamotrygonidae

"Friesz Corriedales & Suffolks"

Friesz Corriedales & Suffolks provides Friesz Corriedales Suffolks deals breeding and have been raising registered Corriedales since 1974

"Gerald Shearing"

Gerald ShearingGerald Shearing quality products for beef, dairy, sheep, shows, crops and recreational grass .

"Glasgow Stockyards"

Glasgow Stockyards offers Black Hided Bred Heifers. Bred Angus,breeds sheep and provides goats,cattle sheep feeds

"Glen & Connie Coppersmith"

The Dorper is a sheep breed developed in South Africa to meet the need for Their coat is a mix of hair and shedding wool that requires no shearing

"Glen Osprey Farm"

Glen Osprey Farm are breeders of club lams ,sheeps and also undertake training courses.

"Glenlea Suffolk Stud"

Glenlea Suffolk Stud are the breeders of white suffolks for meat and producing prime lamb sires,offers feeds etc

"Glenrose Farms"

"Glenrose Farms producer of Dorset Sheep, Angora Goats; white and colored, and sheep breeders also provide."

"Gold-Star Bison Ranch"

Gold-Star Bison Ranch provides sheep feeds,goats and quality Wood Bison females and breeding sheep,bisons

"Good Earth Organic Farm Kathadins"

Good Earth Organic Farm Kathadins offers pet feeds,sheep feeds,other animal feeds and sell breeding stock and butcher lambs

"GORP - Great Outdoor Recreation Pages"

Florida fishing information source providing up-to-date fishing conditions statewide for freshwater and saltwater anglers

"Greenfield Hydroponics Systems Inc."

Greenfield Hydroponics Systems Inc. Hog and Goat Breeding and Dairy Farms. Commercial production of Herbs, Broccoli other bean Sprouts Commercial production of Wheat and Barley grass juice for sheep a

"Hall Damara"

Hall Damara supplies feeds for pets,sheep and other animals and provide including purchasing animals, leasing rams, managed embryo transfers


hanbyfarms Performance Feed Products Dealers for sheep and cattle and also antibiotics.

"Harmony Dexter Stud"

Harmony Dexter Stud is located in the Brisbane Valley, Queensland, Australia, and has quality dexter breeding stockof sheep cattle and feeds them.

"Hav & Insj & ouml"

Delivers fresh, smoked, and frozen fish from sea and lake to restaurants, stores, and wholesalers


HAWK HILL RANCH provides feeds for sheep,cattle,goats and Australian Lowline Miniature Cattle and also breeding of sheeps.

"Hawks Mountain Ranch"

Hawks Mountain Ranch are the breeders of Icelandic sheep for wool and meat and provides feeds for sheep pets and other animals

"Heartland Ranch, LLC"

Heartland Ranch, LLC provides sheep, feeds,breeds and is one of the largest alpaca breeders in the Southwestern United States


Heathcote.Charollais.Sheep is Breeding lambs for meatiness and growth, with lean carcase,supply feeds for sheep,goats etc

"Helen Batten"

Helen Batten offers sheep feeds and maintains a herd of approximately 35 black Belted Galloway Cattle.


Freshwater fish, Henrik de Nie, red list, lota, salmo, phoxinus, anguilla, lampetra, elrits etc.

"High Prairie Farms Freshwater Aquarium Fishes"

Freshwater Tropical Aquarium Fish Hatchery and Live Food Grower specializing in live foods for Killifish, Bettas, Cichlids and Corydoras.

"Hilltop Ranch"

Hilltop Ranch offers feeding,breeding of sheep,goats and fullblood and percentage Boer goats,sheep for sale.

"Homestead Sheep and Fiber Products"

Homestead Sheep and Fiber Products maintains a small flock of Jacob sheep,breeding and feeding of sheep,cattle etc

"Horizon Meats New Zealand"

Horizon Meats New Zealand a marketer of high quality New Zealand sheepmeat and bobby veal.

"Hoskins Mfg. Co., Inc."

Hoskins Mfg. Co., Inc provide antibiotics for cattle ,sheep and also food for sheep and cultivating leaves also

"Hub City Livstock"

Hub City Livstock is a full service leader in livestock sales,offering breeding,feeds for sheep,goats etc

"Hubbard Feeds, Inc."

Hubbard Feeds, Inc. provides feed for shee,horse,goats,swine,horse and other animals

"Hunter Nutrition"

Hunter Nutrition produce feeds for Goats, Horses, Cattle, Swine, as well as Show Feed Topdresses, and Dairy Calf Starter

"HVS Animal Health"

HVS Animal Health is the suppliers for a wide range of animal health products including OPTiMINs, LiquiThrive for cattle, calves sheep ,Water Soluble feed supplements

"Icelandic Sheep breeding"

Icelandic Sheep breeding stock, fleece, and gourmet lamb meat. Comprehensive information on Icelandic sheep including articles, photos, breed characteristics and lots more.

"Idea Factory"

Idea Factory produces sheep feeds,goat feeds and Registered Boer Goat breeding stock for sale in Washington State featuring South African and Landcorp bloodlines

"Imperial Premix"

Imperial PremixImperial Premix Co. Specializing in custom mineral, vitamin and protein supplements for the cattle and dairy feed industry

"Internet Technology Establishment"

Internet Technology Establishment complete online livestock breeders directory with sheep, cattle, and hog breeders, upcoming shows and sales, livestock breed association information, and sheep, cattl


Intouch is dedicated to raising high quality feeder cattle ,sheep,goats and feeds for sheep etc


INTOUCH offers breeds,feeds for sheep,cattle goats and Breeding lambs for meatiness and growth, with lean carcase.

"IR and JD Cass"

IR and JD Cass is Producing quality lambs suited food materials to all developments and breeds,supply feeds to sheep goats cattle.


ISBONA provide Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America and information about this multi-use sheep breed

"ISeeSpots Farm"

ISeeSpots Farm are rare breed of Jacob Sheep, Shetland Sheep, and German Angora Rabbits

"J Bibby Agriculture Ltd"

J Bibby Agriculture Ltd provides sheep feeds,and national compounder of animal feedingstuffs producing rations for all classes of livestock

"J. B. Booth, Inc, DBA Booth Feeds"

J. B. Booth, Inc, DBA Booth Feeds provides feeds for sheep,goats swine,horses and other animals

"Jack Mauldin"

Jack Mauldin offering food bucks and does from breeding herd,sheeps,goats,feeds for animals and breeding.

"Jackson Farm"

Jackson Farm supplies feeds for sheep,goats and is the breeder of Boer goats and chickens.

"Jager Farm"

Jager Farm offers Icelandic sheep from disease free breeding stock to premium fleece,pet feeds,sheep feeds etc

"James Gang Farms"

James Gang Farms raise spring and fall born calves,breeds,provides feeds for sheep,cattle goats etc

"Jubilee farm Shetland Sheep"

Jubilee farm Shetland Sheep offers feeds for sheep,cattle,pets,and the Breeders of Registered Shetland Sheep and Galloway Cattle

"Kasler Suffolks and Club Lambs"

Kasler Suffolks and Club Lambs preminent source for information on stock dogs, sheep dogs, herding breeds,

"Kentucky Aquaculture Association"

Producers of freshwater shrimp, trout, catfish, tilapia, largemouth bass, or paddlefish.

"Kevs Korner"

Kevs Korner raise a small flock of registered Shetland Sheep with the main purpose in mind to supply quality fleeces ,feeding etc

"King Damara"

King Damara provides pet feeds,sheep feeds and other animal feeds and Damara genetics supplier, commercial producer, and marketer

"Knudson Feeds"

Knudson Feeds Knudson Feeds of Hettinger, North Dakota features such products as hay silage inoculants, horse supplements, perma-flex cattle sheep

"Koi Carp and Fish Ponds Information"

A beginner''s guide to keeping Koi fish in a backyard recirculated freshwater ponds

"Kristull Exotics, Inc."

Kristull Exotics, Inc. provides sheep feeds and is known for its dogs, both Borzoi and Silken Windhounds, and Caspian Horse breeding programs

"La Normandie"

Famous producer''s for dry-aged steaks, fresh fish, and a selection of other hearty fare

"Labyrinth Fish"

All freshwater fishes, labyrinth fishes, the labyrinth looks like a maze which traps air in its'' many folds.

"Land & Lamb"

Land & Lamb nurture Navajo-Churro sheep,provides sheep cattle feeds,promote their survival and continuance


LARKSPUR FARMS provides feeds for sheep, goats,lambs,deals breeding and sells and breeds Boer Goats,sheep.

"Lewis Creek Boer Goats"

Lewis Creek Boer Goats provides feeding for sheep,goats,and deals breeding and offers does and bucks for sale.


LIL RASCALS FARM distributor of sheepbreed, show, and sell Oberhasli Dairy Goats, Longwool Sheep producers.

"Livestock Nutrition Center"

LNC sells feed and feed ingredients and provides free livestock nutritional information

"Long Haven Enterprises, Inc."

Long Haven Enterprises, Inc provide Purebred Corriedale Sheep, Corriedale, sheep, registered corriedales, livestock and wool items.

"Mackey s Acres"

Mackey s Acres provides feeds for sheep and offer sheep, lambs, puppies, dalma wallabies, rovings, fleeces, hand spun yarns

"Malabar Farm"

Malabar Farm provides sheep feeds,goat feeds and maintain a small herd of solid colored Galloways, a commercial herd of crossbred Galloways, and a flock of commercial sheep.

"Mann Museum Home Page"

offers life size exhibits of wildlife, saltwater and freshwater fish, reptiles, and insects from North America, and a nature trail

"Manna Pro"

Manna Pro - Animal Feed and Health Nutrition for Livestock and Poultry

"Manx Loaghtan Produce Company"

Manx Loaghtan Produce Company small primitive breed of mountain sheep and are also oldest sheep breed

"Maple Ridge Sheep Farm"

Maple Ridge Sheep Farm produce beautiful wool and eat grass and breed sheep

"Maryland Small Ruminant"

Maryland Small Ruminant are large scale sheep breeders and also provide genetical information on goats and sheep.

"Mason Suffolks"

Mason Suffolks has been raising Club Lambs and providing feeds for pets sheep horse and other animals

"Mauldins Boer Goat"

Mauldins Boer Goat supplies feeds for sheep,goats and does breeding and includes Boer goat industry information


MAYS RANCHING COMPANY, INC.provides feeds for sheep,cattle goats foods and cattle operation and hunting leases.

"McGaugh Live Stock"

McGaugh Live Stock and Club Lambs Breedrs as producers of sheep breeders as animal feeds.

"Melissa J. Holt"

Melissa J. Holt provides Goat breeding stock for sale ,feeds for sheep,cattle goats and mountain meat goats varieties

"Memengwa Hill Farm"

Memengwa Hill Farm is offering sheep, fleeces, and information about the farm,feeds for pets,sheep feeds etc

"Memorable Cheeses"

Memorable Cheeses sells cheese gift hampers and cheese boards Vegetarian, goat, and sheep milk

"Mid-States Wool Growers Cooperative Assoication"

Mid-States Wool Growers Cooperative Assoication is one of the largest sheep supply distributors in the US and wool market for producers providing feeds for sheep,breeding etc

"Milbank Mills"

Milbank Mills provides feeds for sheep,goats,fish,horse,cats,rabbits,swine and other animals

"Milkworth Holsteins"

Milkworth Holsteins is producing Registered Holsteins and is located in Potter, NY in the Finger Lakes Region ,deals breeding,feeding of sheeps.

"Miniature Cattle"

Miniature Cattle deals feeding,breedingof sheep,goats and offer sheep, lambs, puppies, dalma wallabies, rovings, fleeces

"ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries"

There are also shellfish culture, freshwater fisheries and aquaculture. Sea and coastal fishing activities are carried

"MLM Gelbvieh Great River Ranch"

MLM Gelbvieh Great River Ranch raises Angus and Gelbvieh cattle and sheep,breeds sheep,feeds sheep goats cattle.

"Morgan Ag Web"

Morgan Ag Web Agricultural products and services. Cattle and Beef Market Information Hog and Pork Market Information Sheep Market Information Feed and Grain Market Information Hay Market Information P

"MTM Boer Goats"

MTM Boer Goats offers feeding,breeding of sheep,goats,and specializes in red Boer goats,sheep

"Multisurance Pty Ltd"

Multisurance Pty Ltd is located in the Brisbane Valley, has quality dexter breeding stock of sheep,goats, cattle and feeds and breeds them.

"Mzuri Boer Goat Ranch"

Mzuri Boer Goat Ranch breeds,feeds sheep,goats and live online auction of champion and full blood line boer goats and dorper sheep

"Nate Bailie"

Nate Bailie have been raising beautiful Nubians,providing feeds for sheeps,cattle goats andbreeding also.

"Native Fish CompanyFish and Fishing Links"

Web Resource in dedicated to fishkeepers interested in freshwater and marine fish, aquatic plants, goldfish, reef systems, invertebrates

"Nautilus Aquarium Shop"

Based in Longmont Colorado and shipping nationwide, we sell rare and unusual freshwater tropical aquarium fish

"Neale Mc Quistin"

Neale Mc Quistin provides Livestock. Bluefaced Leicesters, Beltex Scotch Mules. deals feeding,breeding ofsheepetc

"New Zealand Sheep Milk"

New Zealand Sheep Milk offers sheeps milk made into authentic products such as feta and ricotta chesse.

"New Zealand Texel Sheep Society"

New Zealand Texel Sheep Society offers pet feeds sheep feeds animal feeds and seeks to advance the progress of the breed through producing strains most capable of benefitting the sheep industry.

"Non-Indigenous Freshwater Organisms"

freshwater, ecology, aquatic, biology, alien, invasive, exotic, organis

"Nordic Sheep"

Nordic Sheep offers feeds for sheep horses pets and is the breeder of purebred Icelandic sheep in Mid-Atlantic region offering naturally colored breeding stock, lambs for sale, fleece

"North American Freshwater Fishes"

Suppliers of fish, aquarium, aquarist,centrarchidae, sunfish, cichlids,cat fish.

"North American Freshwater Fishes"

North American Freshwater Fishes - native American fishes for the aquarium hobbyist, a complete state fis

"North Georgia Goat Company"

North Georgia Goat Company is Raising Goats to Feed Sheep,breeding of sheep and

"Northeast Dairy Associates"

Northeast Dairy Associates offers the breeds like Alpine, La Mancha, Nubian, Saanen and Toggenburg and feeds of sheep,cattle,goats etc

"Northeast Kingdom Sheep Milk Cheese"

Northeast Kingdom Sheep Milk Cheese made at Skunk Hollow Farms from pasture fed Friesian sheep.

"Nothdurft Club Lambs"

Nothdurft Club Lambs offers pet feeds,sheep feeds,for poultry,cattle and includes herd background and sale information

"Nutrition Trading International Ltd"

Nutrition Trading International Ltd provides pet feeds,sheep feeds and specalising in animal feed for the beef and dairy industry

"nutro flo company"

Kay Dee Livestock Supplements Manufacturer of premium livestock minerals, protein blocks and energy tubs for cattle and sheep.

"Oodles of Angels - Angelfish Breeder"

This site is dedicated to angelfish breeders and angelfish enthusiasts. Site includes angelfish

"Ott Club Lambs"

Ott Club Lambs offers pet feeds,sheep,poultry feeds and includes herd background and sale information

"P.J. and Christine Harper and Family"

P.J. and Christine Harper and Family Specializing in Icelandic Sheep and Llamas and provide new or soon to be Icelandic Sheep and Llama owners.



"Passport to Texas - Fishing"

Texas Fishing. RealAudio interviews about Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, Sea Center Texas, fish stocking, largemouth bass, red drum and mor

"Peaceable Farm"

Peaceable Farm offers feeds for sheeps,pets and other animals and producer of registered Katahdin Hair Sheep and White Park Cattle in Mississippi.

"Peggy Newman"

Peggy Newman provides commercial cattle, hay and grain,deals breeding,feedingof sheep and goats

"Pet Supplies Online from Pet Solutions"

offers supplies for freshwater and saltwater fish tanks, ponds, and birds.

"Peterson Flashguides Freshwater Fishes"

Peterson Flashguides Freshwater Fishes by Peterson`s Paper Text Nature/Animals/Pets,Fish.

"Peterson Sheep Co"

Peterson Sheep Co carefully breed for the greatest genetic outcross potential in flock and deals feedingof sheep


Breeding and export of fresh water tropical fish. Most exports for the dominant wholesale and distribution in Europe

"Pets Warehouse"

Tropical fish freshwater aquarium fish 30,000 gal display all supplies Online Catalog shipping at discount prices, also aquarium tank setups fish

"Pine Valley Farm"

Pine Valley Farm offers foods for sheep,pets,cattle and are the Breeders of Registered Shetland Sheep and Galloway Cattle

"Piscine Energetics"

Mysis relicta is a completely natural freshwater species of Mysidae, a completely natural, high nutrition fish food that all fish can benefit from

"Planet Pets"

The hydra is one of a few freshwater cnadarians, the bulk of which cells separated only by a very thin layer of non-cellular material

"Plum Creek Ranch"

Plum Creek Ranch offers raw fleece, roving, hand and commercial spun yarn, tanned sheepskins, and horns,feeds for pets,sheep and other animals

"Portable Eletric Net Fence Supplies Instructions"

Portable Eletric Net Fence Supplies Instructions Portable fence systems using low cost electrified net fence quickly hold and protect cattle, sheep, poultry, goat, garden, dog, cat and other pets or c


Porthole Aquarium: freshwater fish. guppies, tetras, angels, gouramis, eels and more


poulingrainfeed manufacturing and distribution company specializing in high quality pet, livestock, equine and dairy feeds. Quality Feed-dairy, beef and goat, equine, sheep and lamb,poultry, rabbits,

"Pressley Renew"

Pressley Renew offers feeds for sheep,cattle goats and deals about the breeding and care of goats.

"Priscillamas Wool Farm"

Priscillamas Wool Farm is the largest flock of Icelandic sheep in the Midwest,feeds and breeds of sheep, including Romney, Shetland, Navajo-Churro and Jacob,

"Producers Coop Association"

Producers Coop Association is providing livestock feeds, planting seed, fertilizer, fuel and lubricants for sheep,goats and other animals,services

"PT. Persada Aqua Fauna"

Persada Aqua Fauna is a company which specialized in exporting and importing ornamental freshwater fishes

"Purple Sage Sheep Ranch"

Purple Sage Sheep Ranch are the breeders of Icelandic sheep and provides feeds for pets sheep and other animals

"Rafter M Ranch"

Rafter M Ranch supplies feeds for sheep,goats,and breeds and offering bucks, does, and kids

"Rainbow Meadow Farms"

Rainbow Meadow Farms provide sheep breeding stock and semen through the addition of superior bloodlines

"Rancho Xingu"

specializes in giant catfish and freshwater fishes in the Xingu river in the Brazilian Amazon

"Randy Lewis"

Randy Lewis has been in the purebred Southdown Industry forlong time,breeds, feeds sheep,cattle goats.

"Red Barn Feed and Saddlery"

Red Barn Feed and Saddlery provide food for cattle and sheep and antibiotics for sheeps


RED HILLS FARM is the Providers of Hay and Livestock Beef Cattle Goats,sheep feeds,goat feeds,and breeding of goats.

"Red Trillium Farm"

Red Trillium Farm offers feeds for sheep,cattle,pets and deals Icelandic Sheep,breeding stock, fleece,fiber,wool,handspinning,weaving

"Reeh Boer Goat Ranch"

Reeh Boer Goat Ranch provides feeds,breeds sheep,goats,lambs for sheep foods and offering bucks and does for sale.

"Rising Sun Farm"

Rising Sun Farm producer as Australian Shepherd, Border Collie and St. Croix Sheep breeder, trainer and handler.

"Riverwood Farms"

Riverwood Farms offers sheep feeds,breeds and provides dorsets,suffolks,dorper varieties of sheeps,goats etc

"Robert Haber"

Robert Haber provide purebred Icelandic sheep foods and sell breeding stock as well as high quality fleece.

"Robert J. Matthews Co."

Robert J. Matthews Co.complete livestock health product catalog for dairy cattle, beef cattle, swine, sheep, goats and more

"Rock House Farm"

Rock House Farm provides purebred and crossbred stock to sheep producers and fleeces,feeding for sheep and deals breeding.

"Roy Comfort"

Roy Comfort produce healthy, humane, pature based products forsheep,goats and deals breeding of sheep etc


Supplier of fresh water fish, fish water plants, invertebrates, red sea fish, marine fish etc.

"San Fernando Valley Herding Association"

San Fernando Valley Herding Association is a certified organic sheep dairy farm that sells sheep cheese, organic lamb and breeding stock.

"SCA Nutrition Animal Feeds"

SCA Nutrition Animal Feeds are the Animal Feed and Nutrition Specialists,provides feeds for sheep,cattle,goats and other animals

"SCCA Cichlid Fish Clubs, Tropical Freshwater fish"

cichlid, fish club, cichlidae, SCCA, tropical, African cichlids, Southern California

"Schils bv"

Schils bv is one of the largest producers of dry dairy products and milk replacers for calves,sheeps, lambs, piglets and buffaloes


SCHUMAKER SHOW LAMBS provides feeds for sheep,goats and rare breed of Jacob Sheep, Shetland Sheep, and German Angora Rabbits


SDRANCH is Producing quality lambs,breeds,supply feeds for sheep,cattle goats,and offers other breeds


freshwater Fishes of Texas,This is the perfect compact guide to the of the river, pond and lake fishes of Texas. Masterfully illustrated, each

"Sea Challengers - Freshwater Fish Books"

theSea Challengers'' catalog. These Freshwater Fish books can assistyou in the identification size and othernatural history notes.


Fresh water Fishes and Fishing guides these books can assist you in the identification of species.

"Shady Hill Farms, Ltd"

Shady Hill Farms, Ltd Produce a world-class sheep farm and sheep breeders agribusiness.

"Shaltz Farm"

Shaltz Farm is providing feeds for sheep,cattle and pets,and offering raising registered OPP-free Shetland Sheep enrolled in MSRRP.

"Shearing Networks, LLC"

Shearing Networks, LLC deals feeding of sheep, goats,breeding,Sheep Dogs Sheepferrets Sheepcats etc

"Sheep and goat breeders"

Sheep and goat breeders and cheesemakers association provides cheesemaking supplies and husbandry equipment.

"sheep and Wool"

sheep and wool distributors as sheeps, Lamas, Ewe, Fleece, and sheep breeders also provide animal feeds.

"Sheep Dung Estates"

Sheep Dung Estates Sheep Dung Estates Cottages Reservations Location provides genitical informations and beeding systems for goats and sheeps


sheepshippy specialize in custom feeding lambs.l feed lot and use a lot of TLC to take care of lambs.


sheep-thrills Sheepskin products and craft storeand also provides grains for pets ,cattle and horses.


sheepworld.provides , wool, lambs, environment, grazing, predator, predation, scrapie, lamb recipes, wool fashion, wool clothing, wool clothes, lamb meat, sheep farming.

"Shetland Sheep at Happy J Farms"

Shetland Sheep at Happy J Farms supplies feeds for sheep cattle pets other animals and specializing in Shetland Sheep and colored Angora goats.

"Show Feeds, Inc."

Show Feeds, Inc. A complete line of feed supplements for show livestock for sheeps.


ShowLamb.com offers seedstock and semen of Suffolk rams and provides pet feeds,sheep feeds and animal feeds

"Slack Suffolk Sheep"

Slack Suffolk Sheep provides breeding of sheep,feeding and sell 100 rams annually from coast to coast

"Smith Farm, Basil & Sally Smith"

smith farm undertake small dual purpose breed for sheep,goats and cow.

"SOAY SHEEP Ovis Aries"

SOAY SHEEP Ovis Aries Blue Mountain Soays is dedicated to preservation of unique breed. We raise only Soay sheep on the premises and enjoy promoting the breed as a unique.

"SOAY SHEEP Ovis Aries"

SOAY SHEEP Ovis Aries Blue Mountain are unique breed, also provide Soay sheep food on the premises.

"Southwestern Livestock Mineral"

Southwestern Livestock Mineral provides custom blends of livestock mineral based on nutritional needs for sheep,goats etc

"Southwinds Farm"

Southwinds Farm provides feeds for sheep,goats,breeds sheep and goats for sheep raising and buys and sells Boer goats

"Steep Island Lodge"

Salmon fishing in the famous waters of Campbell River BC is an outdoor fishing adventure for

"Steveson/Basin Angus"

Steveson/Basin Angus provides feeds for sheep,cattle,goats and is the North Americas largest source of superior Angus genetics for breeding.

"Stone Brook"

Stone Brook provides feeds,food breeds for sheep,goats and raising sheep for 4-H projects.

"Strike Light Fishing Equipment"

Strike Light fishing equipment and fishing tackle can play a pivotal role in your fishing adventure.

"Suffolk Sheep Breeders"

Suffolk Sheep Breeders Home Page Sheep Breeders Stock, foods, semen and embryos are available for private sale .

"Suffolk Southdowns"

Suffolk Southdowns crossbred club lamb breeders, Suffolk sheep breeders, purebred Southdown sheep breeders

"Sunglo Feeds, Inc"

Sunglo Feeds, Inc is Manufacturing quality livestock feed serving kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and beyond. Specialties include show pig, and cattle range cubes

"Supreme Aquarium PTE Ltd."

Source for Freshwater and saltwater livestock importers and exporters

"Swallow Lane Communications"

Swallow Lane Communications supplies feeds for sheep,cattle,poultry and Handwoven Blankets from Swallow Lane Farm & Fiberworks

"Swedish Fresh Water Fishes"

Swedish freshwater fishes with Swedish and scientific name, author, main habitat and conservation status.

"Sydell Inc."

Sydell, Inc, sheep and goat equipment including feeders, pens, cages, gates, and show stands.

"Target Feeds"

Target Feeds on line brand name for Ian Hollows Feed Supplements and provide nutrients and grains for cattle and sheep

"Temple Tag, Inc."

Temple Tag, Inc. offers feeds for sheep, cattle and has been supplying the animal health industry with livestock identification tags based on outstanding quality, service and value

"Texas Freshwater Fishing Bag Limits Information"

Lake Tawakoni, fishing limits, catch limits, fishing catch limits, bass, legal, limit, bass, catfish, crappie, Lake Tawakoni bag limits

"Texas Show Supply"

Food distributor for sheep supplies, lamb supplies, pig supplies, grooming supplies clippers, blowers, fans, feed additivies.

"THAT Web Place"

aquarium maintenance, aquarium problems, fish problems, advice, selfhelp, self help, fish tank problems,

"The Bentley Suffolk Flock"

The Bentley Suffolk Flock provides Top Quality U.K. flock of Pedigree Suffolk Sheep,feeds for cattle sheep poultry and other animals


THE BLUFF deals Breeding Medium and Fine woolled Poll Merino rams,offerring sheep feeds,pet feeds animal feeds etc

"The Creeks Edge Icelandic Sheep"

The Creeks Edge Icelandic Sheep breed with lambs feeds sheep and produce quality animals with good meat conformation, wool quality, and productivity

"The DiCarlo Seafood Company"

Producer''s of fresh fish, crabs, shrimp, oysters, clams, and more for retail and wholesale customers.

"The fresh food co"

- Suppliers of range of products delivered nationwide includes produce, meat, freshwater fishes ect.,

"The Fundamentals of Freshwater Fishing"

"Reviews, pictures of best game fishing books; trout, salmon, sea trout anglin"

"The Sugarloaf Dorset"

The Sugarloaf Dorset are largescale sheep breeders and suppliers of grains for sheep.

"The Vegetable Cart"

The Vegetable Cart provides feeds for sheep pets and Breeds of purebred Katahdin Hair Sheep.

"Three Pines Kennels"

Three Pines Kennels offers feeding,breeding for sheep,goats,lamb and supplies Babydoll Southdown Sheep

"TND Boers"

TND Boers offers Boer goats ,feeds for sheep,cattle goats,breeds and Top Quality Genetics

"Trembling Prairie Station"

Trembling Prairie Station is the breeder of rare purebred Shetland sheep,offers feeds for pets sheep and other animals

"Tri-Quest Boer Goats"

Tri-Quest Boer Goats provides Premium quality Vitamins/Minerals and other nutritional products for sheep,goats and involves breeding.

"Triumph Church"

Triumph Church includes leaders and ministry, background on the Feed My Sheep Program, and links.

"Tropical Fish - Fishkeepers Guide Page"

Tropical fish including classifieds and suppliers

"Twin Springs Farm"

Twin Springs Farm offers feeds for sheep,cattle pets and other animals and Suppliers of Black Angus Cattle, Shetland Sheep and Mammoth Jack Stock for breeding. Offering fine spinning fleece

"Tyler Mountain Lamanchas"

Tyler Mountain Lamanchas provides Recorded Grades, American Nubians and American LaManchas breeds of goats and sheep and deals feeding of these animals

"UCP Aquafarm (M) Sdn Bhd"

UCP AQUAFARM is a leading freshwater ornamental fish and aquatic plants exporter in Malaysia.

"Union Valley Navajo-Churro Sheep"

Union Valley Navajo, Churro Sheep oldest breed for food and domesticated sheep and also provide information on genitics of sheep.

"Valerie Ciesynski"

Valerie Ciesynski provides feeds for sheep,cattle and some outstanding animals along with average breeding stock

"Van Dyke Suffolks"

Van Dyke Suffolks offers seedstock and semen of Suffolk rams,petfeeds,sheep feeds and for other animals


vermontfarmstead supply sheeps, goats, dorper sheep, distributor as sheep breeders.


veterinarypharmaceuticalsVeterinary Pharmaceuticals Inc. supplies animal health products to wholesale and

"Vince McGolden"

Vince McGolden are true breeders of rare sheep breeds and are also carry geniltical courses regarding sheeps and goats.


VITALAC Market leader in France in piglet nutrition and health. Excellence in piglet feeds, feed additives, acidifiers, nutraceuticals and health products.

"Wallinar Pty Ltd"

Wallinar Pty Ltd provides sheep feeds pet feeds and soft rolling skin Merino stud. Includes breed information, wool news and stud events

"Water Recreation - Freshwater Fishing"

Water Recreation - Freshwater Fishing Freshwater Fishing Animals & Birds Plants & Flowers Environment

"Waterpets4u - Home"

WaterPets4u sells tropical fish and carnivorous plants. We can deliver a healthier WaterPet to your door

"WE International"

WE International specializes in waste management enzymes and cleaning products for sheep and more livestock

"Wendy Glunt"

Wendy Glunt provides registered Nubians and LaManchas,feeds for sheep,goats,cattle and breeds.


Source for high quality fresh water fish & seafood products,including: Lake Fish, Premium Ocean Fish, etc.,

"Willow Spring Farms"

Willow Spring Farms offers feeds for sheep,cattle and raises Hereford cattle, and market lambs, along with hay, corn, and soybeans.


WILLOWGATE offers sheep feeds,cattle feeds and Willowgate border collies which compete in sheep dog trails and work on farms.

"Wilmette Pet"

Full service pet shop serving Chicago located in Wilmette amp Evanston selling dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and fishes

"Windswept Farms"

Windswept Farms offers feeds for pets sheep horse other animals and specializing in Shetland Sheep and naturally colored Angora Goats.

"Windwhistle Farm"

Windwhistle Farm offers sheep feeds,pet feeds and specializing Shetland Sheep and naturally colored Angora goats

"Windy Acres Farm"

Windy Acres Farm provides sheep,goat feeds and South African Boer goats and South African New Zealand crosses by purchasing and using quality herd sires

"Windy Pines Farm"

Icelandic sheep are a multipurpose breed, raised for versatile, soft dual coated fleece, gourmet, light

"Wise Hampshire Sheep"

Wise Hampshire Sheep provides feeds for sheep,pets,cattle and offers breeding,ewe lambs & ram lambs

"Wolf Moon Spinning Navajo-Churro Sheep"

Wolf Moon Spinning Navajo-Churro Sheep breeds Navajo-Churro Sheep and offers feeds for sheep,cattle and other pets,animals feeds

"Woods Organic Farm Products"

woods organic farm produts provide wholesome food that is grown without antibiotics, growth hormones, or genetically modified organisms

"Wycoller Shetlands"

Wycoller Shetlands offers pedigree Shetland sheep, freezer lamb, and fleeces,feeds,breeding etc

"Ythanwells Shetland Sheep"

Ythanwells Shetland Sheep offers breeding of shetland sheep,pet feeds,sheep feeds and other animal feeds

"Zeltex Inc."

Zeltex Inc are supplliers of Grain, Food, Cheese, and breeders of sheepl.

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