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"A Frog Shop"
A Frog Shop Specializing in dart frogs and other reptiles including salamanders, tree frogs, newts, and turtles.

"A1 Reptiles"

A1 Reptiles are breeders of high quality lizards and tortoises and distributes.




Supplies of pheromone, shigella, salmonella, larva, pupal, phototropic drosophila, diptera, dipterans, glue, bug, zapper etc.


Supplier of fishes, crabs, prawns and enjoy its distinctive flavor and moist etc.

"Alligator Snapper Foundation"

Breeding of high quality lizards, tegus, bearded dragons and tortoises and distributes.


Products that can provide protection from zebra mussels, barnacles, corrosion and abrasion for boats and industrial equipment.

"American Surgical Sponges"

Specialized surgical sponges for neuro, orthopedic, vascular amp microscopic surgeries.


Suppliers of food for invertebrates, fishes, baby fish, nocturnal fish etc.


Specialist in Marine Fish and Invertebrates Tropical & Coldwater Fish etc.

"Animal Mania"

Breeders and dealers of a wide variety of reptiles like turtles and amphibians.

"Applegate Reptiles"

Breeder of many species of kingsnakes and milksnakes,turtles also offers gila monsters and Mexican beaded lizards.


We only sell healthy fish and invertebrates that we''ve held in our tanks to insure that you get quality livestock

"Aquarist.net Ornamental Fishkeeping"

Marine Aquarium fish and invertebrates. Practical Fishkeeping, Nick Dakin, Albert Thiel and the Coral Reef Alliance

"Aquarium Arts"

Live rock, hard and soft corals, other invertebrates, and fish, collected by ethical suppliers

"Aquatic Biology Associates, Inc"

Sources for supplies & equipment used in field sampling of macroinvertebrates

"Aquatic Book Shop"

Suppliers of Arowana,Nothobranchius,Swordtail,Swordtails,Livebear,Livebearers,Tetra,Tetras,Platy,Platies,Siamese


Provider of Saltwater, Marine, Corals, Invertebrates, Live Rock, Atlantis Aquatics, Sale, Store, Aquarium, Aquaria, Fish

"Australian Bight Seafood Pty Ltd"

Processors and International Exporters of seafood, predominantly prawns, lobster and tuna.


B.A.R.R.s breeders of exotic lizards ,turtles and snakes at high quality and also exports.

"Bahrain Chamber"

Suppliers of Prawns and CLOTHING TRUNKS RUGS and other accessories etc.

"Bell Foods"

Products include cuttle fish, squid, prawns, shrimps, octopus, and reef cod.


Michael Winnell, freshwater aquatic invertebrate taxonomy, macroinvertebrates, aquatic insect taxonomy, aquatic insects, chironomids

"Benthic/Aquatic Invertebrate"

Benthic and aquatic invertebrates are increasingly used as indicators in various biomonitoring programs

"Better Living Sdn Bhd"

Manufactures and produces dried chicken, pork, prawn, and duck meat.

"Big Apple Herpetological"

Captive Invertebrates and chilopods and diplopods, insects, crustaceans, pulmonates, turbellarians, culture of prey, commercial sources

"Big Game Reptiles"

Breeder of many species of geckos and selling reptiles like turtles that have been fully acclimated or captive bred at their facility.

"Biological Survey"

Source for insects, Canada, entomology, fauna, biodiversity, research and Terrestial Arthropods.

"Biotactics, Inc"

Biotactics produces predatory mites and other beneficial arthropods for use against pest insects and spider mites in greenhouses


Black Jungle Terrarium Supply specializes in Exotic Plants & Natural Decor Suitable for Keeping Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates, etc

"Bluegrass Reptiles"

Bluegrass Reptiles selection breeding of boas, pythons, turtles ,monitors and chameleons

"Bush Reptiles and Supplies"

Dealer and breeder offering quality captive born and imported reptiles, brand name supplies, snake hooks and turtles.

"C and J Exotics"

C and J Exotics breeder of bearded dragons, turtles ,leopard geckos and ball pythons.


Reptile breeder and supplier of quality snakes, lizards, tarantulas, turtles ,frogs and insects.


Breeds reptiles like snakes ,turtles ,amphibians, and butterflies to supply zoos and the pet and film industries.

"Capital Artists, LLC"

Recipes from Argentina, including churros, Creole king prawns and chimichurri sauce.

"Captive Bred Excellence"

Captive Bred Excellence selectively-bred Colubrid snakes ,turtles and Blue Tongue skinks.


Source for tropical marine fish, marine fish, aquaria, saltwater tropical fish, live sand, live rock, inverts, invertebrates etc.


Suppliers of prawns and sea foods Ken Smith Just Prawns, Haywards Heath etc.

"Chile Export Mall"

Exporters of crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates, prepared or preserved.

"Chris Culottauuuuu"

Chris Culotta specializing breeding of rare turtles and morphs of Colubrids and Rosy Boas.

"Chun Ku"

Specializes in monitors and breeding of turtles, tegus, bearded dragons, chameleons, and pythons and other reptiles.


Cicada hold one of the most exciting collections of exotic tropical inverterbrates in the UK

"CJB Management, Inc."

Breeder of the Argentine tegus, Australian water dragons, turtles ,lacertas, and tree frogs.

"Clarence River Fishermens Cooperative"

Products in fresh and frozen seafood, includes prawns, mullet, whiting, octopus and more.


CNF launched the Endangered Plants and Invertebrates in Canada (EPIC) Program to respond to concerns in the environmental community

"Cold Water Reef Aquarium Invertebrates"

Cultured cold-water reef aquarium invertebrates scallop, mussel, dentalia, sea urchins

"Cold Water Reef Aquarium Invertebrates"

A legal source of cold-water aquarium invertebrates and seaweeds. Alaska allows the sale of cultured local invertebrates and seaweeds

"Company Overview"

Captive-bred fish and invertebrates are available and , Pseudotropheus, Labidochromis, Altolamprologus, Chailinochromis etc.

"Constrictors Unlimited"

Constrictors Unlimited are specializing in captive bred pythons ,turtles and boas.


Source for aquariums, aquarist, fish, coral reefs, reef ecology, invertebrates, sharks etc.


Source for snail, mollusk, Terry Gosliner, Dave Behrens,Gary Williams,Invertebrates

"Crotalus & Company"

Welcome to Crotalus & Company, captive bred rattlesnakes. specialize in only top quality captive bred rattlesnakes


Pennsylvania''s invertebrate resources, including the need for a state agency responsible for the myriad

"Deer Fern Farms"

Breeders of Spiny-Tailed Uromastyx Old World Chameleons, and Select Specialty Reptiles and Invertebrates.

"Deer Fern Farms"

Breeders of spiny-tailed uromastyx, old world chameleons ,turtles and select specialty reptiles.

"Desert Dweller Reptiles"

Desert Dweller Reptiles breeders of bearded dragons ,all kinds of turtles and other desert reptiles.

"Diamond Reptile"

Specializing in breeding a wide variety of reptiles like snakes ,turtles, amphibians, and invertebrates

"Dolphin Pool and Spa Supplies"

Suppliers of pool accessories, Spas, hottubs, Softub, Seahorse Shoes, Toronto Ontario canada, hot tubs, Aqua Golf,

"Double D Reptiles"

"Breeders and sellers of select snakes, lizards and other reptiles; including burmese pythons, turtles ,spotted pythons, corn snakes"

"E S Tropicals"

Breeding raised reptiles Snakes, geckos,chameleons,and turtles all offered for sale, as well as supplies.


Source for collection of Arthropods,insects, bugs, spiders various other invertebrates etc.


Supplier of amphibians, arthropods, plants, flowers, iris, crab, beetle, roach, blatella, hats


Includes Commercial Sources of Aquatic and terristrial Invertebrates etc.

"Exceptional Quality Snakes"

Exceptional Quality Snakes - Kings, Corns, Boas, Colubrids, Rat, Gopher, Bull, Albinos, and more. Snakes make great pets, he have quality breeders

"Exotic Pet Enterprises"

Breeder in Tucson, Arizona producing captive bred reptiles including tortoises, turtlesm, snakes, and geckos

"Exotic Reptiles Jungle"

Importers ,breeders and purveyors of reptiles like snakes ,lizards, turtles and exotic animals from around the world.


International wholesaler of unique aquarium fish and invertebrates pseudochromis. puffer, anthias, basslets, blennies, butterfly etc.

"Fish And Aquatics"

Sale of Tropical Fish, Cold Water Fish, Gold Fish, Koi, Marine Fish, Invertebrates, Corals


Largest Distributor of fish and invertebrates, aquatic plants, reptiles, small animals and frozen food,

"Fisher Seafood Co."

Produces Jumbo Prawns. A thin glaze of frozen water over each individual Prawn locks in all of the moisture and freshness.


Source for ishtanks,aquariums,reef tank,freshwater,Invertebrates,corals,fishs,coral reef,Custom acquariums etc.


Suppliers of Arthropods, exterminator, exterminators, cockroach, slugs, bombs, poweders, etc.

"Florida Keys Sea Life"

Supplies of saltwater aquarium inverts, invertebrates, tropical fish, wholesale, retail


Crickets, Mealworms, Fruit Flies, Reptiles, and Reptile Products iguanas, pet foods, pet diets, pets, pet foods etc.


Largest Source for marine saltwater fish, tropical fish, aquariums, live rock, reefkeeping, corals, tridacna clams, marine invertebrates,

"Fossils and fossil preparation"

Suppliers of invertebrates like cephalopods, echinoderms, arthropods, copal, fossil etc.

"Galapagos Island Starfish"

Source for Invertebrates, Sally Lightfoot Crab, Starfish, Sea Urchins, Galapagos Islands.


Invertebrates like Ant,centipedes, Millipedes, scorpians, Roaches, Tarantulas etc.

"Gander Academy"

source for Marine invertebrates like corals, crabs, squids, octopus, spongus, jellyfish etc.


DGeckoHutt designer phase leopard gecko ,turtles breeder offering care sheets, book store, and photos of each gecko

"Glades Herp Inc"

Suppliers of fine quality reptiles, amphibians and spiders to the collectors, breeders, zoos and educators of the world

"Glades Herp, Inc"

Suppliers and breeder of fine quality reptiles of snakes ,turtles and amphibians for the collector.

"Global Aquatics"

Global Aquatics breeds a variety of geckos, caimans, turtles, monitors, snakes, and african chichlids.


To collect, purchase, trade, or import live, rare invertebrates and breed them in captivity to enable these species.


Wayner invertebrates and books for botany books, ornithology books, mammalogy books, herpetology books

"Green Water"

The breeding modes of marine invertebrates and larval culture in a series

"Harger Finest Catch"

Turtle Farm raise common snapping, red-eared slider, ouachita map, river cooter, painted, chicken.

"Harta Semarak Sdn. Bhd."

Produces products for soil conditioning, prawn farming, livestock breeding, and more.


List of Species from Aquatic Environments (Brackish & Fresh Water) in the Hawaiian Islands


Source for Snakes, lizards, Turtles, invertebrates, Field Herping and otherdf organisms etc.


Breeders offering quality captive born and imported turtles, brand name supplies, snake hooks, forceps.


Suppliers of hydroponics equipment.sealed miniature worlds where invertebrates, algae, and bacteria live.


Independent Aquatic Imports Ltd, Specialist in wholesale and importers of ornamental fish, plants, and invertebrates - high quality


Traders and dealers of Other Arthropods, such as tarantulas, scorpions, millipedes etc.

"International Dragon Breeder"

Wholesaler and breeder that imports and exports a large selection of reptiles like turtles and amphibians from all over the world


Books on Invertebrates, Abalone, Acorn worm, Annilid, Antlion and various other invertebrates etc.


This ring is dedicated to all invertebrate organisms, beautiful and plain, beneficial or pestiferous, common or rare, marine or terrestrial


Source for Invertebrates and other invertebrates like millipede, centipede etc.

"Jamie Quick"

Offers bred albino leopard geckos, turtles ,corn snakes and other high quality herps.

"Jeff Barringer"

Jeff Barringer are dealer offering captive bred and imported reptiles like snakes ,turtles.

"Jellyfish Productions, Inc."

Produces Jellyfish. Jellyfish has produced numerous animation sequences for both the Gaming and Multi-Media industries.

"Jim Kane"

Jim Kane private breeder of rare and unusual snakes and turtles for breeding or pets.

"Jim Kane, Private Breeder"

Jim Kane, Private Breeder of rare and unusual snakes ,turtles and monitor lizards

"Joe Lewis, II"

Specializes in the breeding and captive propagation of rare and exotic snakes ,turtles and lizards


Supplier of premium quality fresh fish and shellfish and all sea foods etc.

"Kammerflage Kreations"

Kammerflage Kreations sells captive bred chameleons ,turtles and select imports

"Karls Kreatures"

Karls Kreatures breeder offering captive born reptiles like turtles,snake and amphibians.


Suppliers of Corn snakes, and other variety of snakes and photos gallery etc.

"Kathy''s Critters"

Source for Reptiles, Amphibians, Arthropods, Tarantulas,Scorpions,Newts, Frogs, Toads, Millipedes, Centipedes, Crustaceans, Snakes, Lizards, Turtles,

"Kenneth Aquamarine Products Inc."

Importer and Exporter of live seafoods such as fish, lobster, shrimp, prawn, and crabs.


kingsnake.com''s classified ad page for invertebrates, spiders, scorpions, centipedes and insects.

"Kingfisher Ltd."

Importer and Exporter of quality seafood, specialising in Thai shrimps and prawns and New Zealand hoki, dori, and orange roughy.


Supplier of LIFE aminoacid food for invertebrates Vigour concentrate for feeding of invertebrates


supplies of seahorses, sources for fishing and Local, National and World Racing Links etc.

"LBC Reptiles"

LBC Reptiles breeder offering captive born reptiles like snakes ,turtles and amphibians.

"Len Krysko Reptiles"

Breeder offering poison dart frogs, turtles ,chameleons, and other reptiles.

"Leo''s Live Seafood"

Specialists in fine live seafood, hand picked from select fishermen. Dungeness crab, prawns, and salmon.


Supplier of live aquatic invertebrates for classroom, research and as food for fish and wildlife

"Louisiana Cypress Turtle Farm"

Louisiana Cypress Turtle Farm exports farm raised turtles to overseas markets.


Proven effective in systems ranging from invertebrates to primates, and everything in between.

"Mad Jungle Reptiles"

Mad Jungle Reptiles breeder offering poison dart frogs, turtles ,chameleons, and other reptiles


Source for invertebrates, Arthropods,coelenterata, Earthworms, leeches, insects, mollusca etc.

"Major Stream Invertebrates"

The descriptions of the different groups are simplification and because of this all organisms


One of the Nation''s most respected marine life suppliers offering a full line of conditioned livestock invertebrates etc.


Information about breeding and rearing marine fishes and invertebrates etc.


Source for quality marine livestock, aquariums and supplies for fish, corals, coral reef, pet, dog, cat, yahoo, invertebrates


Source for Marine Fish and Invertebrates Resources Diseases and infections in the salt water resources.


Source for osteichthyes, shark, chondrichthyes, elasmobranch, bite, jaws, great, white, stingray, sting, ray, poison, toxin, skate


Suppliers of invertebrates, compounds and Natural products, Natural marine products, biology products, biology, science products,

"Mark Leshock"

Mark Leshock specializes in captive bred turtles, pythons and other reptiles.

"Martin Spicer"

Martin Spicer breeds animals and various supply needs for amphibians and reptiles like turtles.

"Matthew Gallant"

Matthew Gallant breeder of Cornsnakes, Kingsnakes, turtles ,Milksnakes, and other select snakes.

"Mega Pacific"

Distributor of marine fish, marine corals, marine invertebrates, tropical freshwater aquaria, reptiles and dry goods

"MTC Distributors"

Dealer and breeders offering amphibians, lizards, turtles, tortoises and invertebrates.

"Munchrath Enterprises"

Breeds all types of turtles and specialises in breeding of dogs, cats and other related animals.


Information on non-filtered planted tanks, aquatic plants, fish, and freshwater invertebrates.


A great introduction to invertebrate fossils can be found Graptolites, Echinoderms etc.


A single culture containing the following six organisms: Hypsibius, Lepidodermella, Nematodes, Oligochaetes, Rotifers, Stenostomum


Large Index of INVERTEBRATES related internet resources created by Nerd World Media.

"Net Connection"

Net Connection are breeder of sulcata, leopard, russian, and yellow-footed tortoises. Located in S.C.

"Net Destinations"

Net Destinations an international exporter and breeder of live baby turtles for pets.


Breeders of Invertebrates, anemones, crustaceans, coral, aquatic plants, nutritional supplements etc.

"Ocean Prawns A/S"

Manging ocean prawns,responsible for the management of three of the worlds most modern shrimp trawlers operating in arctic waters.


AQUA-FACTS Marine Invertebrates and conservation of aquatic life through display and interpretation, education, research and direct action


Supplier of Ornithoptera, Lepidopetra, Dried lepidoptera from around the world

"Pacific Biological Suplies Inc."

Pacific Biological Suplies Inc. breeds turtles ,pythons, monitor lizards and geckos for sale.

"Paleontology Checklist"

The items needed to collect the smaller Paleozoic or Mesozoic invertebrates common to most of us

"past present and future"

Source for over 500 species of invertebrates, and other fishing organisms etc.

"PFI Food Industries Sdn. Bhd."

Manufactures and producers of fish, chicken, and prawn nuggets.


Manufacture and distribute a wide variety of products for environmentally sound management of insects and mammals.


Shrimp prawn prawns recipes restaurant aquaculture sex farming travel seafood mariculture intensive cultivation


High Quality Saltwater Marine and Reef Supplies, including lighting, filters, skimmers, and liverock, corals, crabs, snails, invertebrates.

"Price Animal Company"

Price Animal Company breeds and monitor turtles ,lizards and geckos for sale.

"Price Reptiles"

Importer/exporter and breeds offering east African reptiles like snakes ,turtles and amphibians

"Pro Exotics Inc."

Dealer and breeder of pythons, boas, turtles,colubrids, lizards, monitors and geckos.

"Project Seahorse"

Project Seahorse is a team of biologists and social workers committed to conserving and managing seahorses.

"Quest Fishing Ltd"

Quest Fishing supplies the finest sashimi quality pacific coldwater spot prawns, spot shrimp, live prawns, fresh, frozen.


Contain details of as many invertebrates from Quoditch as possible butterflies and moths.

"R.M.J. Reptiles"

R.M.J. Reptiles offers exotic bred reptiles like turtles and snakes for sale.

"Rainforest Zoorariums, Inc."

Perfect breeding for reptiles like turtles ,snakes , amphibians, chameleons, snakes, etc. Online catalog.


Specializes in the breeding of alligator snapping turtles, and feed for turtles and other reptiles.

"Red River Communications"

Breeders of geckos, bearded dragons and corn snakes and turtles and also supplies to its customers.


We carry a huge selection of corals, fish, clams, and dry goods and invertebrates.


source for marine fish, corals, clams, invertebrates live rock, and all equipment needs


Reeftank and saltwater aquarium setup and maintenance with an emphasis on corals, fish and invertebrates


Provider of the Largest Selection and Highest Quality Marine Fish and Invertebrates.

"Reptile cages"

Breeds turtles, snakes as well as thremostats, heat mats, and other reptile supplies.

"Reptile House"

Reptile House breeding and sells snakes ,turtles and reptiles at high quality.


Breeders, Dealers and Suppliers of Amphibians, lizards, snakes, Tortoises, Turtles, etc.

"Ridgeway Brother Herp"

Ridgeway Brother Herp private breeders of boids,turtles, colubrids, pythons and caimans.

"Riparian Farms"

Riparian Farms are specializing in captive bred turtles, tortoises, and lizards.

"Ron St.Pierre Captive Bred Reptiles"

Offers captive bred turtles ,lizards and boas, including blue tegus, motley boas, and blood boas.


Rusk high school library, rusk high school, biology, insects, invertebrates

"Russ Gurley"

Cooperative breeding project offering articles related to care, husbandry, and breeding, and captive-hatched of turtles.

"San Diego Exotic Specialties"

Dealer and breeder of reptiles like snakes, turtles offering both captive born and wild caught.

"San Francisco Bay and Delta"

Sailing World Seahorse Yachting Yachting and Boating Racing Supplies and Services

"Saute Prawns"

Recipes includes chicken slices, shell the prawns, put on the shrimp colloid, coat them with white sesame.

"Scary Creatures exotic pet breeders"

Breeder & supplier of quality reptiles like snakes and turtles , exotic mammals & discount equipment.


Seahorse is an excursion under sail to a remote sand cay at the edge of Upolu Reef. The voyage begins in Cairns


Suppliers of seahorse,fish,aquaculture,farm,tasmania,captivity,breed etc.


SeaHorse Diving in Placencia, Belize is a full service dive shop and adventure guide. Plan your vacation in the beautiful Caribbean with Seahorse


Supplier of Sea horses, we offer a complete range of ''On the Water Sailing Instruction'' as live aboard courses


Seahorse Solitaire Collection is an all in one package which is great for solitaire enthusiasts (and people new to Seahorse Software products).


Supplies live cold-water marine invertebrates, Oceanic and Mini-Ocean aquarium systems ETC

"Sea Pets"

Most marine fish and invertebrates seen in aquatic pet stores and other fishing accessories etc.

"Sealink Australia"

Wholesaler and Dealer of prawns, prawn meat, green prawns, fresh fish fillets, frozen fish fillets etc.

"Seaside Creations"

Breeders of chameleons, turtle ,snakes, lizards, and arachnids also sells cages and supplies


Sailing World Seahorse Yachting Yachting and Boating and suppliers of seahorses.


Specializing in cornsnakes, while breeding a number of other turtles colubrids and leopard geckos.

"Seven Seas India Private Limited"

Products include white and tiger prawn, brown shrimp, scampi, octopus, ribbonfish, cuttlefish, and squid.


Shark Reef contains nearly 75 different species of sharks, tropical and fresh water fish, reptiles, marine invertebrates


Source for invertebrates aquarium, fish, corals, orchids, tropical fish, ornamental, fish


Source for reptiles, mammals, amphipians, birds, live invertebrates, butterflies, moths etc.


Breeder of rosy boas, turtles ,colubrids, monitors, uromastyx and bearded dragons.

"Southern Mountain Horse Company"

Breeding facility of rare, unusual, and exotic animals like turtles, miniature donkeys and sheep, camel

"Sponges Direct, Inc."

Products and distributor of worldwide fine quality sponges. Supplies for house needs and business needs.

"Steven E. Schafer"

Offers breeding of turtles albino leopard geckos, corn snakes and other high quality herps.

"Sue''s Recipe Server"

Recipes for chicken curry, pho, sauteed spinach, and prawn toasts.

"Sugar Gliders"

Company especially focussing on the breeding and selling of reptiles like turtles, snakes.

"SunHouse Reptiles"

Specializes in exotic reptiles like turtles but mainly Iguanids, Agamids and Chameleons

"Tai Tong Ah Company Pte Ltd"

Manufactures and produces of double prawn herbal oil and double prawn rumagon.

"Terrestrial Invertebrates"

Suppliers for invertebrates, paleontology,evolution,Devonian,paleoecology,scorpion,arachnida,trigonotarbida

"Thai-Holland Trading Co., Ltd."

Thai-Holland Trading Company Ltd. breeder of all types of soft shell turtle exporter.

"The Bug Page"

Suppliers of diptera, odonata, cicadas, crickets, orthoptera, arthropods, arthropod, arthropoda, termites, etc.


This group includes the insects, molluscs, spiders and a host of other animals that have no backbones


Largest Producer lamb, recipes, specials, lobster, lobster tails, cold water lobster, scallops, onaga, spanner crab, giant crab, sand crab etc.

"The Fish House in Stanley Park"

Products having the features of fresh oyster bar and flaming prawns.


Suppliers of Tropical freshwater, marine, and brackish water fish, temperate and coldwater fish, tropical marine invertebrates.

"The MicroZoo"

consisting of mammals, birds, and reptiles, and displays of living invertebrates.


source for quality marine fish, aquariums and supplies for fish, invertebrates, corals


Contains reef tank, aquarium, marine aquarium, salt water, tropical aquarium, sea water, coral reef, fish, invertebrates, anemones


Breeders and suppliers of quality Reptiles Photo''s also price lists for our live stock and dry goods

"The Turtle and Tortoise"

The Turtle and Tortoise breeds all types of turtles and many other tortoises currently offered for sale.


Source for Invertebrates, corals, fish marine, fish saltwater, fish and corals etc.

"Todd Kelley"

Todd Kelley breeder and supplier of poison dart frogs and also breeds turtles.


We carry a large variety of Marine fish, invertebrates, corals, and more.

"Tripod, Inc"

Tripod, Inc breeds all types of turtles and other reptiles at high quality and also sells.


Source for tarantula,theraphosid,scorpion,arachnid,spider insect,mantid,phasmid,myriapoda,centiped,milliped

"Turtle and Reptile Farm"

Turtle and Reptile Farm a place for breeding and purchase a variety of different turtles and tortoises.


TURTLE WORLD provides feeds for sheep,cattle goats and cattle operation and hunting leases


Turtle-Town breeding of high quality reptiles like turtles ,tortoise and supplies.

"U. Tex. Invertebrate"

This collection has the largest and most diverse collection of Ammonites in the world.


Top quality Exotic Marine Fish, Corals and Invertebrates From Trpoical Seas Around The World.

"Vic Martino"

Provides quality, captive bred reptiles including albino, anerytheristic and hypomelanistic boas and turtles.

"Viperwerks, Inc."

Viperwerks, Inc.distributor and breeder of quality arboreal vipers and also turtles.

"Vivaria Amsterdam"

Custom-built breeder of all animals like turtles, birds, plants and supplies for a successful vivarium

"VMS Professional Herpetoculture"

Producers and breeders of high quality reptiles like lizards ,turtles for the pet trade.


WARDıS has been the leading supplier of the highest-quality science education materials for high school-and college-level biology and geology classe

"West Coast Zoological"

Place for quality captive bred and imported exotic animals and also export reptiles like turtles ,snakes worldwide.

"West European Market"

Biocides in Paints and Coatings Applications for Algae and other invertebrates, etc.


Source for aquarium, aquariums, marine, fish, fishes, invertebrates, barrier reef, coral reefs, saltwater fish etc.

"Wilton Pet Centre"

Specialising in all types of breeding of aviary birds and as well as reptiles including turtles and amphibian accessories

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