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"A. & E. Connock Ltd"
A. & E. Connock Ltd wholesale supplier of vegetable oils, herbal extracts, essential oils, and natural exfoliants for perfumery and cosmetic industries.

"Academic Press"

Publishes high-quality, peer-refereed contributions in the expanding fields of fish and shellfish immunology.

"Adelphia Seafood"

Offering fresh and frozen fish, shellfish and seafood. Check out weekly store specials and download free fish, shellfish and seafood recipes.

"Alaron Products"

Produce dietary supplements sourced from a wide range of natural ingredients including fish, shellfish, game, game meat.

"Alaskan Harvest"

Produces Fresh Seafood, Salmon, Halibut, Tuna, Swordfish, Pollock, Rockfish, Value Packs Shellfish, Crabs etc.

"All Shores Seafood Brokerage"

All Shores Seafood offers farmed sturgeon, California crayfish, white seabass and other seafood and shellfish from around the world.


Produces printing, tags, labels, business forms, shipping, tyvek, shellfish tags etc.

"AmeriPure Oyster Companies"

Produces freshest sea food, shellfish, taking away the naturally delicious and wholesome qualities of raw oysters.

"Apio Inc."

Apio Inc. - Eat Delicious. Specializes in making vegetable extracts and other related items.

"Aquagem Farms, Inc."

Products in Farm raised clams from approved Florida waters, freshest available shellfish etc.


Aquaticus.com is a major seafood distributor of lobster, crab, fish and more! We also provide a free service for businesses

"Aslanis Sea Foods. Inc."

Information on the company, fish, shellfish, and seafood products.

"Atwood Lobster"

The William Atwood Lobster Company is Maine''s biggest provider of maine lobster and shellfish.

"Barnacle Seafood Co."

Products in shellfish, Smoked seafood, smoked fish, seafood products, lox, nova, white fish, nova salmon, smoked salmon, sturgeon etc.

"Bayley''s Lobster Pound"

Produces quality seafood in maine including, lobsters, maine shrimp, scallops, gulf shrimp, steamers, lobster stew and much more.

"Beothic Fisheries Processors Ltd."

Processes groundfish, shellfish and pelagic species, and utilize a variety of marketing channels and techniques to market products internationally.


Suplliers of fresh lobster, cuban lobster, giant scallops, thau jumbo shrimps, live aaskian king crab, salmon, cod, etc.

"Billy''s Florida Stone Crab Claws"

Produces Stone Crab Claws and they are packed and processed in their own wholesale fish houses.

"Billy''s Fresh Stone Crabs"

Supplying stone crab claws which are packed and processed as own wholesale fish houses.

"Blount Seafood Corporation"

Leader in shellfish industry. Product line includes sea clams, quahogs, and mussel meat, Calamari, chowders, soups, and sauces.

"Boardman Vegetable"

Offering pallet grabbers, side pullers, vegetable accessories, material handling equipment, and more

"Cabinplant International A/S"

Manufctures Complete Lines and Single Machines for processing of Fish, Shellfish, Vegetables, Fruit and Berries.

"Canada Food Sale Ltd."

Produces Pacific Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Shellfish, and Other Ocean Catches.

"Cape May Foods Inc."

Distributes canned, fresh, and frozen shellfish, chowder, and other seafood products to the restaurant, retail, and industrial markets.

"Cape May Foods, Inc."

Distributes canned, fresh, and frozen shellfish, chowder, and other seafood products to the restaurant, retail, and industrial markets.

"Carolina Catch, Inc."

Fresh seafood products including varieties of shellfish, finfish, smoked seafood, pasta etc.


CHAIN CENTER supplying to almost all Industries viz. Chemical, Oil Extraction, Vegetable, Food, Textile, Cement, Sugar, Fertilisers and Cattle Feed companies.

"Charleston Seafood Express"

Deliveries Fish, shrimp, lobster, shellfish, specialty seafoods, gift baskets and much more.

"Charlestone Seafood"

Specialize in Fish, shrimp, lobster, shellfish, specialty seafoods, gift baskets and much more.

"Chatham Fish and Lobster Co."

Produces Chatham, Fish, Lobsters, Cod, Scallops, Quahogs, etc.

"ChefShop.com, Inc."

provide tasty recipes, weekly food articles, serving suggestions.

"Chinchilla Rescue Service"

Chinchilla Rescue Service SPECIAL HEALTHY FOOD TREAT MIXES All prices exclude Post Packaging.

"Chiquita Brands"

International marketer, producer and distributor of fresh fruit, processed fruit and vegetable products.


A Natural Product from Shellfish that binds to fat known as the fat trapper, which is found in the exo-skeletons of shrimp, crabs etc.

"Chitosan Warehouse"

Chitosan is an all natural product. Chitin is found in the exo-skeletons of shrimp, crabs and other shellfish.

"Cidersan Vegetable Oil Company,"

Cidersan Vegetable Oil Company, - Oil, Cidersan, Refine Oil, Corn Oil, Sunflower Oil, Soyoil, Olive Oil, T¸rkiye, Turkey, Edible Oil, Vegetable Oil, Refinery, Manufacture.


Offer premium shellfish, lobster, seafood, lobster tails, fresh seafood, and gourmet food. Cooked lobster etc.

"Clearwater Fine Foods Inc."

Exporters of seafood, Clearwater offers an online purchasing system for lobster, a large seafood recipe database, and wholesale product information.

"Clearwater Fine Foods Inc."

Products in live lobster and premium shellfish. Gift packages available.

"Cleaton House Hotel"

Produces shellfish, beef and unique lamb, enabling chef to offer the very best cuisine.

"Company Ventures"

Company Ventures - Fact sheets intended for commercial growers, on a small range of common vegetables

"Connecticut Shellfish Company"

Connecticut Shellfish guarantees a fresh, appealing product to supermarkets and restaurants.

"Copes Seafood Company"

Luxurious fresh seafood, Prime fish, shellfish and smoked fish prepared to your requirements and a range of speciality products including.

"Crab Catcher"

Specializing in the freshest seafood, shellfish, steaks and pasta. Offering unbelievable ocean views and patio dining.

"Cultivos Mare Aperto Ltda."

Cultivos Mare aperto Ltda are growers and exporters of shellfish products.

"Cushman Boats"

Supplier of marine parts, sales and service, plus crab and shrimp gear, fishing tackle, boats, motors etc.


Wabash is a major supplier of seafood to Chicago restaurants and also sells its products online to retail and wholesale

"Cyberspace Grill Shellfish Recipes"

Products in Blue crab cakes, Steamed little neck clams, Pan Seared Sea Scallops etc.

"D & M Import and Export, Inc"

Manufactures essential oils, herbal extracts, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, flower waters, vegetable oils.

"Del Monte Foods USA"

Del Monte Foods USA - A manufacturer and marketer of processed vegetables, fruit and tomato products.


Imports, prepares, and wholesales fresh and cooked salmon, sea bass, and shellfish products.

"Demon Internet Ltd."

Produces botanical extracts, essential oils, vegetable oils, and herbs, fragrances.

"Deveron Shellfish"

Deveron Shellfish source only the finest and highest quality lobster, brown crab, velvet crab, cray fish, winkles.

"Division of Shellfish Sanitation"

Protects the health of the consumers of molluscan shellfish and ensures that shellfish growing waters are properly classified for harvesting.

"Dixons Stores Group"

Dixons Stores Group- Team Killer Carrots robots: Killer Carrot, Killer Carrot2, Keeler carrot.

"Dockside Seafood"

Produces freshest seafood and delivers fresh snapper, mahi-mahi, grouper shrimp, lobster, stone crabs and more.


DOLE FOOD CO.- the largest producer and marketer of fresh fruit and vegetables .


Supplies, eyelash perms, lash & brow tints made from plant and vegetable extract.

"Edgewater Group International, Inc."

Specializes in importing and marketing development of various seafood products with major emphasis on New Zealand Shellfish products.

"EQUA Corporation"

Specialize Shellfish like Clams, conchs, mussels, oysters, periwinkles, ocean quahogs, quahogs, surf clams, sea scallops, bay scallops and winkles.

"Ernest & Allen"

Providing some of the best seafood and shellfish San Francisco has to offer.

"Euclid Fish Company"

Products in Gourmet seafood is the specialty of the Euclid Fish Company offering clambakes, fresh shellfish, fresh fish, lobster, crab etc.

"Faces By Gustavo"

Faces By Gustavo offers a complete line of skin care and cosmetics is formulated with vegetable oils, essential oils, plant extracts and vitamins.

"Farm World"

Farm World is a business-to-business trading community hub for raw material commodity exchanges in Shellfish.

"Fastlocke Inc."

The Fastlock Krazy Kracker is a combination nut and shellfish claw cracker. The Krazy Kracker cracks the shell, not the meat or the kernal.

"Fat Absorb"

Fatabsorb is the most effective chitin or shellfish based dietary fiber which helps eliminate both fat and cholesterol during digestion naturally.

"Fat Absorb"

Fatabsorb is the most effective chitin or shellfish based dietary fiber which helps eliminate both fat and cholesterol during digestion naturally.

"Fish & Shellfish"

Produces Shellfish, Scallops, Crabs, Grilled presto Shrimp, Lobster, Mussels etc.

"Fish & Shellfish Immunology"

Fish and shellfish immunologists, marine and freshwater biologists, as well as applied scientists in disease control in aquaculture.

"Fish Farmer magazine"

Publish all aspects of farming freshwater and marine finfish, shellfish and crustacea are covered.

"Fisherman''s Fleet"

Provides seafood packages, include such items as trout, clams, shrimp, chowder and live lobster.

"Fisherman''s Quarters III, Inc."

Provides Seafood restaurant with some of the best seafood and shellfish, etc.

"Florida Chemical Co., Inc."

Florida Chemical Co., Inc. primary supplier of d-Limonene, citrus terpenes, cold pressed citrus oils, folded oils, terpene emulsifiers, and water-based fruit and vegetable extracts.

"Florida Department of Agriculture"

Supplies of oysters, clams and mussels. Most shellfish thrive in estuaries with mixtures of fresh and saltwater.

"Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services"

Provides information and support in shellfish harvesting and handling, shellfish resource development, submerged lands leasing etc

"Fodeco A/S"

Trading Company specialising in Frozen Fish and Shellfish. Specialise in more exotic species such as Tuna, Swordfish, Oilfish and Nile Perch.


Produces delicious variety of shellfish, as well as many regional flavors and local favorites.

"Fortuna Seafood"

Products in quality clams, oysters, mussels and many other shellfish products to wholesalers and to restaurant.

"Franken BV"

Specialists in handling products of nature, such as seeds,grain and shellfish.

"Ganesh International"

Cephalopods Shellfish Fish Offers Ganesh International Ganesh International Ganesh International Profile Infrastructure


Processes and exports shellfish products. Commercial activities into frozen goods, in order to better satisfy customers.

"George''s Ultimate Seafood"

Produces lobster, shrimp, shellfish, crab and more available for overnight shipping.

"George''s Ultimate Seafood."

Produces premium shellfish, Oysters on pearly, hinged beds, so fresh they tremble when squirt them with lemon or hot sauce.

"Glacier View Seafoods Ltd."

Products in gourmet smoked seafood fresh from the waters of BC Canada, recipes, products, retail sales.

"Graminex L.L.C."

Manufacturer producing high-quality pharmaceutical products with standardized vegetal extracts as active ingredients.

"green garden organics"

Concentrated liquid seaweed extract feed for plants, lawns, shrubs and vegetables. Soil Association registration in process

"GroupOne Information Services"

Offering Seafood Cookbooks with easy online ordering. Seafood Cookbooks with exciting fish recipes, Sushi and shellfish dishes etc.

"H & N Foods International"

Regional importer and exporter distributor wholesaler products Fresh Fish Frozen Shrimp Shellfish etc.

"Harbor Fish Market Inc."

Specializes in fresh fish, lobster, and shellfish. Harbor Fish Market gets customer the best quality seafood available at great market prices.

"Harwich Shellfishing and Aquaculture"

Shellfish Information Harwich Harwich Shellfishing and Aquaculture.

"Hooked on Seafood"

Seafood Specials Fresh Fish, Shellfish, Smoked Fish, Specialty Products Cooking Recipes.

"Household Products, Inc."

Household Products, Inc. Featured Products SizzleleanTM Indoor Grill Citrus Mate PlusTM Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor and provides Other products.

"Hunky Dory Seafoods"

Produces and Offers frozen , smoked, fresh and salted seafood products to the North American marketplace.

"Hurricane Seafood, Inc."

Producers fresh products of live shellfish, salmon, mahi mahi, snapper etc.

"IES Labo Interexport Services"

IES Labo Interexport Services production and the distribution of vegetable raw materials oils and extracts for the Cosmetic and Dietetic industries.

"Immuno Quest Laboratories"

Encapsulated sprouts of broccoli, garlic, onion, radish, alfalfa, mung bean, oats, barley and other vegetable extracts.

"Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops"

Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops makes all needed vegetable extracts and supplies them as needed.


Products in Calamaria, Soft Shell Crabs, Backfin Crabmeat, Chesapeake Crabcakes, Live Maine Lobster etc.

"International Marine Fisheries Company"

Services include marketing of fisheries products, processing of fish and shellfish, fishing vessel operations, management of seafood companies.

"Ipswich Maritime Products"

Distributor of fresh and frozen seafood, fish, clams, lobster, shellfish, oysters, and more.

"Ipswich Shellfish Company"

Ipswich Shellfish The source for Seafood, Lobsters, Clams, Shrimp, etc. Direct seafood delivery to restaurants and supermarkets.

"Ipswich Shellfish Fish Market"

The Ipswich Shellfish Fish Market''s NEW Gourmet Seafood, lobster, condiments, clams etc.

"Island Scallops"

Products and Services in Hatchery products, shellfish larvae, seed, rotifers, algae paste etc.

"Island Scallops Ltd"

Products in Shellfish larvae and seed, zooplankton, and algal paste, oyster and clam larvae etc.

"Italian Grotto"

Restaurant features a wide array of fresh fish and shellfish, individually prepared in various sauces seasonal specials.

"J.J. Brenner Oyster Company"

J.J. Brenner Oyster Company has been a grower and wholesaler of the finest and freshest shellfish in Washington.

"Jamestown Seafood"

Shellfish export specialists. Specializing in live Geoduck, Oysters, and Dungeness Crab both farm and buy product throughout the region.

"Jay Harlow"

Cooking classes from coast to coast on a variety of topics, with a particular passion for fish and shellfish.


kanegrade - Supplier of natural food ingredients such as natural colours and extracts, vegetable products, fish extracts

"Kangamiut Seafood A/S"

Production Fishing and export of frozen seafood. Including Scallops, shell on Prawns etc.

"Keys Fisheries"

We ship the freshest of Florida Keys seafood, lobster, stone crab, fish, and other specialties.

"Kildavanan Seafoods Ltd"

Kildavan Seafoods process and market fish and shellfish, Scallop products are a particular speciality.

"Kilhorne Bay Sea Foods Ltd."

Quality seafoods products to catering, wholesale and retail trade, the freshest fish and shellfish.

"Krazy Crabcakes & Co.Inc."

Produces Shellfish, Lobster Tails, Gourmet sea foods. Specialist crabcake manufacturing and gourmet foods.


Freeze grinding herbal powder capsules and herbal liquid extracts (encapsulating in hard gelatin or vegetable capsules)


LAZYGARDENER - supplies all vegetable extracts and related oil.

"Le Gourmet Francais Online"

Specializes in Oils, Vinegars and Mustards Hampers Foie Gras, Terrines and Meats Seafood, Shellfish etc.

"Lighthouse Seafood Market"

Supplies fish, shellfish, shrimp, live 13 10 crabs amp lobsters, oysters, scallops, smoked and prepared seafood, etc.

"Little Skookum Shellfish Growers"

Little Skookum Shellfish Growers sells fresh,safe and unique clams and oysters.

"Lobster Clambake Com"

Supplies and shipping of fresh Long Island seafood, such as live lobsters, mussels and clams, from the historic town of Amagansett.

"Long Wharf Seafood"

Produces lobsters, clams, shrimp, mussels etc. offers fresh fish to the Rhode Island area and ships clambakes and lobsters to the lower 48 states.

"Lummi Indian Nation"

Production of oysters, manila clams, mussels, geoducks, and other native and potential aquaculture species.

"Lusty Lobster Seafood"

Sells live Maine lobsters, live shellfish, and the largest selection of fresh and frozen seafood products from all over the world.


LYDEN SHELLFISH Fresh Clams and Oysters from Totten Inlet George Lyden

"M. Slavin and Sons, LDT."

Wholesale retail distributor and packer of fresh, frozen and live seafood including fish, shellfish, lobster etc.


Scottish wholesale company offers lobster, scallops, squid and other shellfish.

"Main Coast Sea Vegetables"

Main Coast Sea Vegetables manufacturer and providers sells vegetabale extract like organic seaweeds including dulse, kelp, alaria, laver, and nori

"Maine Mahogany Shellfish Co."

Produces crabs, lobsters, clams, wide variety of shellfish, mussels etc. Wholesale and retail seafood, fresh from the wharf!


Mallory - Treasury of Soap sells with vegetable oils environmentally friendly soap by the slice.

"Marine Foods"

Seafood trading company exports fresh, frozen, and canned fish and shellfish products.

"Market Inn Restaurant"

Serves prime rib, spare ribs, chicken, many fresh fish and shellfish selections.


Aquaculture experience raising oysters on Martha''s Vineyard using a floating tidal upweller.

"Martins Sea Fresh Fish and Shellfish"

Provides fresh fish and shellfish, including live lobsters, crabs, oysters and mussels.

"Maryland department Environment"

Forms valuable resource and safeguard public health, harvests of clean and wholesome shellfish.

"Masschusetts Aquaculture Growers"

Supplies oysters, mussels, steamers, quahogs, and butter clams. Restaurants, buyers, and sellers had a products of aquaculture resources.

"Melcher Enterprises"

Melcher Enterprises - Barleygreen, Barley Green, Hallelujah diet, God Health Plan, health ministry.

"Misionero Vegetables & Mission International"

Misionero Vegetables & Mission International U.S. grower offers shipper and exporter of lettuces, cauliflower, broccoli, berries and organic specialty salad mixes.

"Moby Manufacturing Co."

Presents the Moby, a Shucker for All Shellfish, a unique, patented, safe, easy, shellfish shucker. It also presents olyster, stone crabs etc.

"Monroe Import Export Co., Ltd."

Producer, import and exports of Crabs, Salmon, Cod, Fish, Turbot, Halibut etc.

"Muckairn Mussels Ltd."

Providing Consultation Services to the Shellfish Farming Industry. Growing mussels in the sheltered waters of Loch Etive, in Argyll.

"Nathex Export Associates, Inc."

Nathex Export Associates, Inc. Plantafresh and Petafresh breath fresheners use herbs and vegetable root extracts to eliminate bad breath odors in people and dogs.


All natural handcrafted soap and body lotions, bath salts and oils made from vegetable and nut oils.

"Nesao AB"

Seafood restaurant serving fresh-caught fish shellfish in a genuine environment off a fishing village.

"New Jersey Shellfish Co."

Carry a full line of shellfish products such as softshell crabs, lobster, shrimp, clams,and Alaskan Crab products.

"New Jersey Shellfish Co."

Retail shellfish company specializing Crabs, Hardshell Crabs, softshell crabs, Lobster, Clams, Clambakes, Oysters etc.

"New Jersey Shellfish Co."

New Jersey Shellfish Co, price list on crabs,lobster,hardshell crabs,softshell crabs,oysters and fresh seafood.

"Newport International"

Newport International Distributor Importer Frozen Seafood, Shrimp, Crab, Scallops, Mussels, etc.

"Noordzee Breskens B.V."

Noordzee Breskens - wholesale trade in fresh fish and shellfish.

"North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services"

North carolina opens waters to shellfish harvest. Extensive areas of coastal waters are opening to shellfish harvest, including Pamlico, Core, etc.

"Northern Aquaculture"

Canadian salmon exports to Australia Canadian salmon producers can now export their full range of fresh and frozen salmon products to Australia.

"Nova Seafood, LTD."

Produces shellfish, steamer clams, gallon clams, mussels, maine shrimp etc.


Distributor of fresh, wholesale seafood including shrimp, crab, lobster, scallops, and several varieties of fish.

"Ocean Fresh Express"

Service oriented seafood distributor, focusing on live delivery of west coast shellfish in the Boston, MA - Portland, ME region.

"Ocean Fresh Seafood"

Ocean Fresh Seafood offers wholesale, retail, live, fresh and frozen shellfish, seafood, fish and lobsters, with guaranteed freshness and taste.

"OCEAN GARDEN Products, Inc"

Ocean garden products fish squid shellfish seafood crab scallops aquaculture.

"Odyssey Enterprises Inc."

Shop online for unique gourmet seafood, gift combinations and premium bulk shellfish and fillets.

"Omega''s Picasso''s Seafood Restaurant"

Products in shellfish, including clams, mussels, scallops, shrimp and mushrooms is presented in a champagne seafood sauce.

"Orca World Wide"

Offers a selection of salmon, halibut, lobster, crab, shellfish, and more.

"Other Seafood and Shellfish Products"

Other Seafood and Shellfish, King Food Service, white meat specialists, expert buyer, processor and distributor.

"Othniel Shellfish Ltd."

Othniel Shellfish grow clams, oysters and cockles, all bivalve molluscs, on an aquaculture farm in Poole, Dorset.

"P&K Seafood Market Inc."

P&K Seafood Market Inc. sells canned and smoked fish and shellfish, as well as gift packs.

"P-I News for Kids"

Shellfish farming Oysters, mussels, clams, geoducks and scallops are all mollusks that are grown on farms.


Specialize in shellfish culture. Pacific Aqau Products is a manufacturor and distributor of aquaculture equipment.

"Page d''accueil"

Wholesale fish merchants specialists in value added seafood, shellfish, shells, all seafood products of the 1st quality.

"Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning"

Paralytic shellfish poisoning information for Tacoma and Pierce County and the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department.

"PEI International Shellfish Festival"

World class cooking demonstrations, top island entertainments, touch tanks and course lots of great shellfish for sample.

"Pembroke Sea (Cotswolds) Pound Cottage"

A family run supplier of seafood, Game, Exotic Meats, Birds, Soft Fruit and some speciality items in The Cotswolds area

"Penn Cove Shellfish LLC"

"Make wholesale distribution of farmed shellfish; primarily Penn Cove Mussels, Oysters and Clams."


Offers a variety of frozen, fish and shellfish products and recipes.

"Phil''s Fish Market"

Specialize in Blood clams, cherrystone clams, little neck clams, manilla clams etc.

"Poplar Acre Enterprises"

Poplar Acre Enterprises - information on companies that grow and ship fruits and vegetables to retail grocery chains and wholesalers.

"Portland Shellfish Inc."

Portland Shellfish sells quality Crab and Lobster in a varity of styles and sizes.

"Pro-Serve Inc"

Pro-Serve Inc - side pullers, vegetables, accessories, unloading and material handling equipment, and more.

"Puget Sound"

Premier online resource for fish and shellfish in Washington State. Includes news, weather, fishing reports etc.


Pure-Gar - private label,contract manufacturing,raw material,material,powder,garlic,tomato,carrot and other vegetable oils.

"Quality Seafood Company, Inc."

Produces fresh seafood and delivers live or steamed Atlantic Blue Crabs, North Carolina Shrimp, Yellowfin Tuna.

"Recipe Online Shellfish"

Produces recipes with crab cakes, curry-shrimp creole, linguine with spicy shrimp sauce, lobster cocktail lobster etc.

"Research indicates that a diet rich in fresh fruit and veget"

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Information Research indicates that a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables,

"RockFish Seafood Grill"

Rockfish Seafood Grill is a casual seafood restaurant featuring fresh fish and shellfish from the east, west and gulf coasts.


Suppliers to food and beverage industry of fruit juice concentrates, purees, essences, flavors and vegetable extract.


Products and wholesale in sea urchin, manila clam, dungeness crab, sea cucumber, oyster and salmon.


Fresh and Frozen Seafood Exporters

"Seafood Express, Inc."

Delivers live maine lobsters, fresh seafood, clams, shellfish, oysters overnight.

"Seafood Express, Inc."

Delivers live maine lobsters, fresh seafood, clams, shellfish, oysters overnight.

"Seafood Steward, Inc."

Provides seafood recipes, seafood tips and seafood information so consumers can cook seafood at home.

"SeaLord Shellfish"

Products in shellfish, Greenshell Muscles nutritious, texture-rich and delicious, Greenshell Mussels is a bonanza for shellfish lovers

"Seattle Fish Company"

Supplier in sea food, live like shellfish from the Pacific Northwest and the Gulf of Mexico shrimp of all sizes from Mexico.

"Seaview Lobster"

Specializes in shipping live Maine lobster and shellfish to major markets across the U.S. and internationally.

"Servoday plants & equip. p.l."

Servoday plants & equip. p.l. offers oil, vegetable, edible, refinery, solvent, extraction, plant, mill, milling, expeller, neutralizer, deodourizer, bleacher, cooler.

"Shellfish Poisoning"

Shellfish poisoning is caused by a group of toxins produced by ocean plankton - algae.

"Shellfish Recording Company"

Main objective is to provide you with quality hand-made music.


It includes, Marine invertebrate animal aquaculture, Marine pollution and environmental monitoring.

"Shellfish Water Quality Protection Program"

The Shellfish Water Quality Protection Program also promotes pollution prevention, remediation and restoration of shellfish growing areas.

"Simply Seafood"

Produces Fresh or frozen fish and shellfish. It includes recipes and online magazines.


Offering fresh shellfish, local fresh fish, seafood pastas, live Maine lobster, steak, chicken and ribs to Boynton, Boca & the Palm Beaches.

"Snowdrift Farm"

handcrafted herbal soaps made with pure vegetable oils and plant extracts

"South Carolina Recreational Shellfish Harvesting"

Presents the Marine Resources Division regulations for both saltwater fishing and shellfish harvesting.


Seafood specialists live shellfish, chilled fresh fish whole, gilled gutted or flleted frozen fish whole, etc.

"Southeast Shellfish Stew"

Southeast Shellfish Stew, Potato Dumplings Shellfish Stew, to serve ladle stew onto platter, arranging ingredients and dumplings as desired.

"Souther Rainbow"

Exporters of New Zealand seafood, including musssels, queen scallops, freshwater eels, littleneck clams, fresh fish, and cockles.

"Sovex Foods, Inc."

Sovex Foods provides the Industrial Food Market with customized formulas, vegetable extracts, grain-based cereals and inclusions for cereals, granola bar base, grain-based extruded products.


Produces shellfish, poultry, meat, separated, fat, producer, broth, chicken, extract, dehydrated, rind etc.

"Stacey''s Famous Foods, Inc."

Produces handmade crab, shrimp, scallop and fishcakes, were the best selling dishes at Pearl''s.

"Sue White"

Produces editorial apples, plum, sorbet duck with pear asian salmon pasta seafood, shellfish, shrimp etc.

"Summer ''N'' Smoke"

Summer ''N Smoke provides custom smoke process your fresh fish, shellfish, meats, game . one turkey breast or food for a feast.

"Swamper Products"

GREAT GRATE - an essential tool for grilling shellfish.

"Swan River Seafoods"

Offers fine fresh sea food, fresh shellfish, fresh scrod fillet, fresh sea scallops, fresh salmon etc.

"Taylor Shellfish, Inc."

Farm delicious Blue mussels, and a variety of oysters, scallops and crabs.

"The Assateague Naturalist"

More than a dozen varieties of shellfish are indigenous to the National Park Service beach, and each is pictured, along with detailed

"The Crab Place"

Offering overnight delivery of Maryland''s finest blue crab, clams, oysters, shrimp, lobster, fish, scallops and much more.

"The Food Bunch, LLC"

The Food Bunch, LLC - An online resource for anyone is truly passionate about cooking and eating.

"The Herb Store"

The Herb Store - Offers herbs, spices, pure essential oils, vegetable oils, extracts, teas, perfume.

"The Last Planet"

Fat Eliminator II Absorbitol is an all-natural shellfish fiber. Lowers the caloric value of the food you eat.

"The Last Planet"

Fat Releaser Absorbitol is an all-natural shellfish fiber. Lowers the caloric value of the food you eat. Lowers cholesterol.

"The Lobster Man"

Products in lonsterman, lobster, shellfish, seafood, crab, oyster, clams, vancouver etc.

"The McCluney Company"

The McCluney Company - fresh and dried fruits and specialty produce, organically and conventionally grown.

"The Shellfish Market"

Specified quantities of oysters, clams, mussels, shrimp and prawns complete with recipes and instructions.

"The Shellfish Market - Safety"

Shellfish market provides customers with a safe, very high quality product.

"Tierra Vegetables"

Tierra Vegetables producing dried chiles, smoked chiles, and fresh seasonal vegetables and wool products of the very highest quality through sustainable farming practices.

"Toby''s Tavern"

Toby''s prepares delicious meals, especially local Penn Cove Shellfish, Mussels, etc.

"Tradeworlds S.p.a"

Breeds of purebred Katahdin Hair Sheep makes and sells all vegetable extracts avaiable in the market.


Produces quality lobsters, crabmeat, shrimp, scallops, mussels and clams shipped overnight for the best downeast maine dining.


TROIKA - specializes in the solvent extraction plants, vegetable oil refining plants


Harvest management of the shellfish resources, which include clams , crab , shrimp and other species .

"Turner New Zealand"

Gourmet mussels, lamb, beef, venison, calamari,oysters fish, shellfish, seafood from new zealand

"Turner New Zealand"

Turner New Zealand is the world''s premier provider of gourmet mussels, lamb, beef, venison, calamari, oysters, fish, shellfish etc.

"Turner New Zealand, Ltd."

Produces Gourmet Mussels, Lamb Beef Venison, Calamari Clams, Oysters, Fish, Shellfish and Seafood from New Zealand.

"Turner Newzealand"

Turner New Zealand is the world''s premier provider of gourmet shellfish from the pure, pristine environment of New Zealand.

"Underwater Taxi"

Wholesale shellfish company,buying and selling lobster,scallops, clams, crabs and sea urchins.

"United Shellfish Company"

Service and Freshness in selling Crabmeat Bluefish, Croaker, Sea Trout, Spot, White Perch Chilean Sea Bass, Grouper, Halibut, Mahi-Mahi etc.

"Vegetable Juices"

Vegetable Juices - Manufacturers and packagers of fresh and all natural products.


VeggieValley Wholesale prices on AIM Barleygreen, vegetable extracts and provides other AIM products

"Venturer Shellfish Products"

Seasonal availability of shelllish . UK Native Lobster, Brown Crabs, Velvet Crab, Whelks, Prawns, Shrimp etc.

"Wearable Vegetablesô."

Wearable Vegetablesô. - Vegetarian Gourmet, gourmet vegetarian, gourmet, vegetarian.

"wecofish A/S"

Wecofish A S is importer of shellfish, from the North Atlantic waters. Cooked and peeled prawns and deep sea lobster tails mainly.

"Westcott Bay Sea Farms"

Growers of gourmet shellfish, gourmet seafood, specializing in oysters in the halfshell. Retail sales to the public etc.

"Woodbury''s, Inc."

Produces shellfish, wellfleet, growers of littleneck clams and oysters for the gourmet''s table.

"Xuzhou Dehydrated Vegetable Factory"

Xuzhou Dehydrated Vegetable Factory - Dehydrated vegetables from China including garlic, carrots, cabbage, ginger and onion

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