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"4-T''S Turtle Farm"
An International exporter of live baby turtles for pets, like red eared slider, chrysemys, scripta, elegans etc.


Suppliers and Exporters of Prawns, Bread, Fruits, Pastry, Vegetables, Ready meals and all types of frozen foods.

"AKI Exports"

AKI exports poultry, pork, lamb, beef, seafood and frozen vegetables to the Caribbean and South America.

"Alliant/Atlantic Foodservice Inc."

Supplies over 10,000 quality foodservice products including produce, seafood, meat, poultry and dairy


Allied Exporters are one of Icelands largest exporters of seafood from Iceland, e.g. Cod, Shrimp (Prawns), Haddock, Plaice, Saithe


Newzealands international seafood processor and exporter of sea foods and other species Jack Mackerel, Fish Meals etc.


Aqua Polaris Seafood are World Wide Exporters of Retail and Manufacturing approved Norwegian frozen and brined product.


Manufacturers of live seafood holding tanks, with international patents, for retail, bulk and transport applications.


AUSTRALIAN BIGHT SEAFOOD PTY LTD Exporters of Seafood - Prawns Lobster maintained export to Europe, the USA, Singapore etc.

"B&P Discount Food Sales"

we have at our disposal a large variety of food and non-food items. We are focused on giving your needs top priority and saving you money.

"Babbitt Sportfishing Corp."

Exporters and Suppliers of charter boat fishing, saltwater fishing, shark fishing and all saltwater fishes etc.


babymarine,fishes,prawns,cuttlefishes,marine exports,exports,squd,sea foods,marine, fish products

"Britto Exports"

Frozen Cephalopods Tubes and tentacles - Block Frozen Tubes IQF/ Block Frozen

"Buzzards Bay Trading Company,Inc."

A leader in exporting and processing of quality fresh and frozen New England seafoods since 1988.

"Cameron Seafoods Ltd."

Exporter of Live Canadian Lobster and Snow Crab and other seafoods.

"Canada Seafood"

We are a Canadian Seafood Exporter. We export worldwide and sell domestically as well.

"Chinese Fujian Cereals Oils and Foodstuffs"

We manufacture and export Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Canned foods, Sea Food and Frozen Produce


COFIDEC Company is a leading fresh and frozen seafood Processor in Vietnam. Our Main product lines include many various of seafood.


Processors and exporters of seafoods and marine foods from India, predominantly frozen fish, pud shrimps, scampi and fresh water prawns.

"Danica Trade International"

Exporters of Seafood, fish, meat and poultry for Russia, Ukraine and Baltic markets including Hake, salmon surimi, shrimps, etc.

"Deep Sea Fish of R.I., Inc."

Specializing in frozen at sea fish and squid including Loligo Pealei squid. Specializing in frozen at sea fish and squid.

"Dragon Enterprises Co Ltd"

manufacturer and exporter of vegetable, fruit, seafood, frozen food, freeze dried food, roasted.


Exporters manufacturing spices, oleoresins, coir mats, seafood, marine, cashews


It''s function is to promote commerce and communication among watermen and seafood professionals

"Flava Agency"

Australian Fresh Seafood Exporter, Distributor, Wholesaler of lobster, scallops, eels, shark, coctopus, crabs, prawns etc


Exporters of Smoked salmon smoked fish seafood products lox nova white fish nova etc.


"Fresh Foods Ltd. has been involved in the processing and export of Seafood products "" Shrimps and Fish"" of the finest quality"

"Garden & Valley Isle Seafood Inc"

Garden & Valley Isle Seafood, Hawaii''s Finest Fish and Seafood salted, crab, shrimp, lobsters, scallop, clam, squid


We are one of the largest Importers & Exporters and Leading Specialists of Fresh-Water and Marine fishes.


A general exporter of fishing tackle including hooks, swivels, and lures and all other marine accessories etc.

"Geyco International Corporation"

The company has been actively exporting to the been actively exporting to the Caribbean since, escalating

"Globo Foods Ltd."

Globo Foods Ltd. are one of Thailand''s prominent food companies which engage in importing, manufacturing of sea food products.

"H. Muecke & Co. Pty. Limited"

Producers and Exporters of Mushroom stuffed with seafoods like Whilst oysters are frequently eaten raw.


We have pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of the Hanson brand round scales to many Asian countries


Coastal Norway: Seafood from Norway, Salmon, Aquaculture, Fisheries, exports, tourism, news and articles

"Hense Consultants Pty Ltd"

"""Exporters of agricultural and food products to Asia, Africa and Europe. Importers of machinery to sort recyclable consumables"

"Indonesia ExportPass"

Qualified Indonesia exporters in furniture,agricultural products,spices,seafood and industrial goods


We are wholesalers and exporters of equipment for shrimp farms Shrimp, Aquaculture, Shrimp Culture, Farm, Camaron, Acuacultura

"Irish Seafood Producers Group"

Ireland leading farmed salmon, organic salmon and trout exporting company

"John Keeler & Co., Inc"

A pioneer producer, importer, wholesaler, and distributor of the finest pasteurized and fresh Blue Crab Meat to the United States


Juncker Associates, seafood processing consultants and brokers of fine frozen seafoods


The best seafood of Key West, Our island market specializes in fresh premium lobster, shrimp, stone crab, fish fillets, tropical sauces etc.

"King Fisher Ltd."

Exports and Imports a range of high quality seafood and value added products, supplied by our parent company''s factories in Thailand

"konrad Sea Food Exporters"

Exporters of seafood, salmon, smoked, yabbies, crabs, lobsters, cod, haddock etc.

"Lansea Foods Private Limited"

Processors and exporters of seafoods and marine products from India, predominantly frozen fish, cuttlefish


Processors and exporters of seafoods and marine products from India, predominantly frozen fish, cuttlefish


Exporters of live seafoods and marine products from India, mainly mud crab, cuttle fish, squid, shrimps

"M & G Nickerson Fisheries Ltd."

We are dealers in Nova Scotia Live Lobster, Cod, Cusk, Pollock, Hake, Tuna, Halibut, Eels, etc.


Spains International Sea Food Processors and Exporters and other products like sepia, chipiron sepia etc.


Exporters of seafoods in the coast and all other marine products and accessories.

"Mediamotion Australasia Pty. Ltd"

Suppliers and Exporters of seafood, freshwater, fruits, nuts, vegetables, meat, dairy and other accessories etc.

"Merex Inc.,"

Exporters and distributors of dried salted fish, pickled fish, and Asian seafood products.


Monterey Fish Company - Packer and exporter of fresh, frozen, and canned seafoods. Products include squid mackerel etc.


The Marine Products Export Development Authority, India Rich International Exporters.

"Narmathaa Textiles"

Narmathaa Group exports various products, including seafood, agro commodities and wooden furniture from Myanmar.

"New South Wales Abalone"

New south wales abalone delivers premium Australian seafood worldwide.

"New Zealand Seafood Industry Council"

This was set up for the development of the Seafood Industry in New Zealand - encompassing fishermen, harvesters, processors, retailers and exporters.


Sigurdur Agustssn ehf. is a family owned seafood company that produces and exports scallops, shrimps and caviar etc.

"Norsea Food AS"

Supplies the best quality seafood from Norway any time of the year. We have a wide and extensive productrange.

"North American Commerce Inc."

company specializing in general trading and infrastructure consulting. We carry a wide range of product of Sea foods.

"Northwestern Meat, Inc"

Traders, Exporters, Importers of frozen beef frozen pork frozen poultry seafood parts machinery


Normarine AS is providing most kinds of frozen white fish products from landbased plants

"Nova Scotia Seafood"

Nova Scotia Seafood Online is a Commercial Seafood Buyers and a Visitors Seafood Restaurant guide


Specializes in Export and Import of fish, hake, cod, pollack, pollock, alaska, seafood, vegetables

"Ocean Bounty Ltd"

Producers, Processors, Importers and Exporters of Quality sea foods and are a leading force in the seafood business

"Omani Saudi Food Canning Factory L.L.C."

Exporters and importers of quality tuna fish and tuna fish products, tuna fish packed, tuna fish canned, tuna fish fillets

"Ornamental Fish Distributors, Inc"

Importers & Exporters of Marine and Freshwater Aquarium Fish on Whole sale only.


Australian Seafood information on product, suppliers, importers and exporters

"Pacific Shoji Pty Ltd"

Exporters of live abalone, lobster, fresh chilled fish and other seafood products. Other exports include animal by-products etc.

"Pacifica Seafood''s Group"

The Seafood''s Group is one of New Zealand''s largest privately-owned producers and exporters of New Zealand of sea food.


Pankaj Exports, lndia,are exporters of papad, pulses, basmati rice,fish products and seafoods like prawns etc.


Manufacturer of quality marine food from Indonesia such as frozen shrimp, meatball, ebi, sea food.

"S.A.K.S food International"

Based in Scottsdale, Ariz., S.A.K.S. is an importer and exporter of meat and food products


These are Exporters of Sustainable Sea food and processors of Quality New Zealand Seafoods.


Suppliers and Exporters of Cuttle fish, red snapper, crabs, thilapia, cat fish, squid and other seafoods.

"Seabay Limited"

Processed frozen fish and seafood products. Private label processor and exporter to the international retail, foodservice and catering markets.

"Shine Fisheries Pty Ltd"

Producers and Exporters of finest quality seafoods like prawns, scallops and sardines under the SEAFEAST brand.


A major producer and exporters of salted fish and other marine fishes in Iceland.

"Simunovich Fisheries Ltd"

This is recognised as the pioneering developer of the commercial New Zealand Scampi Resource and today operates the largest fleet of fishing vessels.


Exporters of seafood, frozen seafood, chess boards, chili peppers, chinese antiques

"Southern Seafoods"

Southern Seafoods International is a privately owned exporting company specialising in Live, Chilled, and Frozen seafood by air and sea.

"Sri Siddhi Freezers and Exporters Pvt Ltd."

Sri Siddhi Freezers and Exporters - India''s largest exporter of fresh Marine products.


Exporter and Importer of vegetarian products including chicken curry, lemon boneless chicken, fish, and more marine foods.

"Swan Links International Group"

Swanlinks International Group of Companies offers best and reliable services in export and Import of seafood.

"Swiss Group Ltd., Inc."

Swiss Group Ltd., Inc. are Importers and Exporters of Beef ,Poultry , Processed Meats, Turkey, Seafood, Spices etc.

"Tara the Long Range"

Tara imports and exports a variety of food products, including seafood, farm meat, canned foods, beverages and ethnic foods

"Tara the Long Range: Import-Export"

Tara imports and exports a variety of food products, including seafood

"Tarua Marine Products Ltd"

Exporter of a wide range of Frozen ready prepared Thai or Oriental style recipes, big meals or appetite etc.

"TBRS Technology"

We build filleting machines for Salmon and Trout, that remove all bones including pin-bones

"Thai Agri Foods"

One of the leading export oriented food manufacturing companies in Thailand



"The Catfish Company"

We are supplying the World with U.S. farm-raised Catfish. It comes as filets, fresh or frozen, smoked, breaded, in aspic or as complete meals.

"Thormodur Rammi - Saeberg Ltd."

A large Icelandic producer and exporter of shrimps, cod, and perch. Icelandic Freesing Plants prawns etc.

"Torres Straits Seafood"

Torres Strait Seafood are speacialist exporters of lobster, prawns and ocean seafood from Cairns


Tradeeasy is a leading food manufacturer and exporter directory in the world. canned fruit, canned vegetables, frozen seafood,


Trisome is a market leader in the seafood industry. A wholesale seafood distribution company where guaranteed quality branded products are found.

"Trisome Foods, Inc."

Trisome Foods Distributors Seafood Wholesalers & Distributors of Seafood Sea & Bay Scallops


This produces the highest quality farm raised abalone and ships live abalone to seafood wholesalers in United States, as well as exports to Canada


Vela Fishing Ltd is one of New Zealand''s most successful competitors in the international seafood market. we export fresh fish, frozen fish etc.


Washington State food Exporters of Sea food and all other foods and accessories etc.


Major Exporter and Importer of in the Indian seafood market and for other accessories etc.

"Wet Pets (Pvt) Ltd."

Sri Lanka''s largest Exporter of Brackish water fish We specialize in Guppies and other fine sea foods.

"Williams Evfresh Group Pty Ltd"

Supplier of a range of Australian fresh produce including fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat, seafood

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