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"A.R. Lantz Co., Inc."
Importer of shrimp, seafoods. Include fresh fish, cods, oysters, and other foods.

"Acme Food Sales, Inc."

Imports shelf stable fruits, vegetables, seafoods, meat products, pet foods etc.

"ACS Trading Corporation"

Importer and Producer of fishmeal, fishoil, frozen and canned seafood, shark cartilage, omega-3 fishoil, and cat''s claw.

"Ambassador Seafoods, Inc."

Importers and Distributors of frozen shrimp, conch, lobster, and fish fillets.

"American Roland Food Corporation"

Imports speciality foods, seafoods, baked goods, desserts, chocolate, vinegars, grains and pastas, fruits are available.


Importer and marketer of top quality seafood products. Contains cod, flatfish, haddock, halibut.

"Beaver Street Fisheries"

Importer of seafoods. Huge selection of shrimp, lobster tails,fish fillets, whole fish, crab legs, cod etc.

"Beluga Caviar International Foods, Inc."

Importers of fine Caviar, Pate and Salmon. It includes other fresh foods.

"Caviar Assouline"

Importer and Retailer of the caviar from all around the world. Also smoked salmon, foie gras and chocolate.

"Central America Seafood Inc."

California wholesaler who imports and exports seafood lobsters, shrimp, scallops, abalone to domestic and foreign companies.

"Central Seaway Company"

Worldwide Importer and Distributor of quality frozen seafood, shrimp and lobster tails used in restaurants and supermarkets nationwide.

"Channel Seafoods Int''l"

Importers of quality fresh frozen seafood and importing a variety of frozen seafood for the U.S. market.

"Crocker & Winsor Seafoods,Inc."

Importers, Exporters, and Wholesalers of dried mushrooms and seafood, rock sugar, noodles, and more.

"Culi-Services of Atlanta, Inc."

America''s largest importer of fine gourmet foods. Contains smoked salmon, oil venigars etc.

"Danson Industries"

Importers and Exporters Traders of Seafood, Rice, Coffee, Rubber, Cashew.

"Darik Enterprises Inc."

Imorters and Distributors of frozen shrimp and seafood and other varieties of foods.

"Drewry Shipping"

Importers of seafood, shellfish, and fresh frozen fish. Includes ship building, tankers etc.

"Exotic Marine Fish"

Importer, retailer, and wholesaler of saltwater fish, marine invertebrates, aquarium supplies, reef tanks, and specialists in live corals.


Import and Distribute shrimp, lobster, fish, froglegs, squid, frogs and crab.


Imports and Exports of fishing tackle, baits, bait savers, bait bags, fly rods, fly reels, lures etc.


Importers of marine fish, corals live rock importers suppliying live stock and equipment.

"Fish Brokers"

Importers and Wholesalers of fresh frozen seafood. Proudly supplying the Finest and Freshest Seafood for over 50 years.

"Fisher Seafood Co."

Importing fresh australian reef fish, barramundi, opaka, red snapper and coral trout.

"Fishermans Wholesale Tackle and Supply"

Importers and Exporters of wholesale tackle, fishing supplies, bait, fisherman, reels, rods, hooks, worms, fishing pole, sinker, lure etc.

"Five Ocean Seafood Co. Inc."

Importers and Distributors of frozen seafood, shrimp, lobster tails, squid, octopus etc.

"Fortuna Sea Products"

Largest Importers of swordfish, tilapia, mahi mahi, and a wide variety of seafood product.

"Hansen Caviar Company, Inc."

Importers of purveyor of caviar, custom smoked salmon, foie gras, and other specialty foods and gifts.

"Hilo Fish Company"

Importers and producers engaged in wholesale distribution of fresh and frozen seafood in the continental United States, Hawaii, Europe.

"Infonautics Corporation"

Importers of manual fish, meat, lobsters, crabs, shrimps, crayfish, barnacles etc.


Importers of fresh seafood and process the finest in Venezuelan Pasteurized Blue Crab Meats and White Shrimp.

"International Recipes"

Importers of largest codfish in the world. In gastronomical terms dried cod is considered a very noble, nutritious fish.

"Kenbourne International Inc."

Producer, Importer, and Distributor of fresh seafood products including salmon, seabass, swordfish, tuna, mahi-mahi, turbot, snapper, and flounder.

"Lamar Seafood Corp."

Lamar Seafood Corp. are the importers of Shrimp and Blue crabs.

"Linkway Corporation"

Importer and Distributor of dried and canned seafood products, including shrimp, cuttlefish, scallops, and oysters.

"Lombardis Seafood, Inc."

Importers of seafood as oysters, scallops, clams, grouper, snapper, crab, swordfish, tuna, mackerels, bluefish, pompano, mullet, shrimp etc.

"Ludwig Seafood Inc."

Importer and distributor of primarily Shrimp, Rock Lobster, and Conch from the Caribbean region.

"Mackenzie Limited"

Importers and Purveyors of the world''s finest foods smoked scottish salmon, piri piri salmon, organic smoked salmon, crabs, shellfish etc.

"Mardon Plc"

Established in 1979 have been importing and exporting frozen seafood for 20 years and traded with over 38 countries during 1999.


Work as buyers agent in india to source frozen seafood for the importers who import seafood from india on commission basis.

"New Zealand Seafood Marketing"

Importers of fresh seafood as oysters, clams, lobsters, shrimps, crabs, etc.


Importer of seafood and processor with a primary focus on top quality crab products.


Importers and exporters of seafood, oysters, shellfish. Oyster growers to supply premium fresh quality oysters.

"PEARLMARK Foods Inc."

Importers of Pearlmark foods, fish, seafood exporters, scallops, scampi tails, lobster tails, frog legs, black tiger shrimp, lobster tails etc.

"Petrossian Caviar"

Importer of caviar, smoked salmon, pates, chocolates, tea, and other gourmet items to France, the United States, and Canada.

"Pets Warehouse, Inc."

Imports saltwater marine fish, tonga, solomen, angel fish, eels, lionfish, scorpionfish, anglers, anthias, pseudochromis, tusks, clowns etc.

"Pilot Trading Company, Inc."

Imports lamb, seafood and exotic meats such as alligator, wild boar, ostrich and venison etc.


Importer and Exporter of frozen seafood. Products in octopus, cuttlefisch, shrimps, king prawns etc.

"RM Sloan Co."

Importers and Wholesalers of fresh frozen seafood. Proudly supplying with the Finest and Freshest Seafood for over 50 years.

"RM Sloan Co."

Importers and Wholesalers of fresh frozen seafood. Proudly supplying with the Finest and Freshest Seafood for over 50 years.


Importers and Distributors of Shells, Handicrafts, Sea urchin, Sponges, fishing nets, Star fish, Seahorses, shell dishes etc.

"Scottish Smoked Salmon Co."

Importer of genuine scottish smoked salmon and trout and also the worldwide mailorder of gourmet gifts.

"Seafood Exports"

Importers of seafood and exports frozen shrimps, squid, cuttlefish, lobster, ribbon fish, reef cod, seer fish etc..


Importers of fresh fish, and seafood, tinned vegetables, fish, seafood, and fruits, delicatessen foods, fresh seafood, smoked salmon.

"Slade Gorton & Co., Inc."

Importers and Exporters of seafoods such as clams, cod, haddock, halibut, oysters, mahi-mahi etc.

"Slade Gorton and Company"

Importers, Exporters and distributors of finest and widest line of fresh and frozen seafood.


Imports fish and crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates. Live or fresh, refregerated or frozen fish and crustaceans.

"Sterling Seafood Corporation"

Importers of frozen squid lobster tails shrimp and fish Distribution all over US Canada and Puerto Rico Products from India etc.

"SW Imports"

Specialise in importing and wholesaling fish of the finest quality. Contains huge number of special coldwater and tropical fish.

"Swallow Aquatics Limited"

Importers and retailers of quality ornamental fish, invertebrates, marine fish etc.


Importers of Red Sea Tridacna Maxima clams, toads exporters etc.

"Top Seafood, Inc."

Seafood Importer of whiting, crab, groundfish, whiting fillets and blocks, as well as scallops.

"Toppits Foods Ltd."

Importer and exporter of many lines of fish and seafood products as well as other frozen foods such as Italian vegetables, stir fry pastas etc.

"Watt Publishing"

Importers, exporters and distributors of seafood, slaughterers, fabricators, cutters and rendering wholesales distributors, purveyors, brokers.


Importer and exporter of frozen seafood products. Includes other fresh seafoods.

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