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"50 Fathom Line"
Offers Wild King Salmon steaks and fillets shipped from the Pacific Northwest.

"Abalone Farm, Inc."

Supplies ships steaks to consumers and restaurants, as well as live abalone to distributors and oriental restaurants worldwide.

"Affordable Taxidermy"

Productions in mounts billfish, other game fish, and animals.


Produces and sells rods, reels, waders, line, electronics, and more.

"Agate Pass, Inc"

Manufacturers of custom tailored neoprene waders for fishing and hunting.

"America''s Catch, Inc."

Offers vertically integrated catfish processor. Also includes recipes.

"American Classic Sales"

Manufacturer of rugged fly reels fly rods, spinning reels and other accessories.

"American Fishing Wire"

Makes leader materials, tooth proof wire, sleeves, terminal tackle, and more.

"Angler''s Art Taxidermy"

Specializes in mounting fish and contructing artificial habitat for mounts.

"Angler-Archer Outfitter"

Offers flyfishing gear and equipment, including rods, flies, line, outerwear, and more.

"Anova Food BV"

Production and worldwide supplier of fresh and frozen fish from the Atlantic, North Sea, Pacific, and Africa.

"Antler Creek Specialties"

Offers a variety of accessories including pole holders, rods and reels, and more.

"Anytime Maine Lobster"

Produces fresh lobster plus bibs, placemats, shell crushers, recipes, and more.

"Aquatas Pty Ltd"

Providers of fresh and cold smoked salmon, trout, gravalax, caviar, and mackerel.

"Ardag Ltd."

Produces, packages, and ships Gilt-head Sea Bream, Red Drum, and European Sea Bass fish and fingerlings.

"Aries Tackle"

Michigan based fly-fishing tackle, equipment, and guide company, featuring steelhead, salmon, trout, and fresh water flies.


Produces, wholesale and retail sales smoked salmon. Includes other varieties of foods.

"Atlantic Seacove, Inc."

Production of seafood providing both fresh and frozen seafood from around the world.

"Atlantic Ventures"

Products of frozen seafood as cod, haddock, redfish, turbot, herring mackerel capelin and cooked and uncooked shrimp.

"Atlantis Lobster"

Specializes in live lobster and lobster gift packs. Also offers fresh clams and clam chowder.

"Bay State Chowda Company"

Providers of seafood chowders and bisques to the public and restaurant industry.

"Bayside Seafood and Produce"

Produces and offers fresh seafoods, carry the seafoods packages etc.


Specializes in smoked foods as smoked salmon, smoked cod, semi-preserved cod, macerated tuna, smoked fish etc.


Specialized fly tying box featuring all wood construction with an alder and birch exterior and finished with a hand rubbed danish oil.

"Benny Toyama Corporation"

Japanese manufacturers of fishing nets, machinery for the fishing industry and textiles.

"Beyer Lightning Fish Company"

Wholesale distributer of fish and seafood products, operating at the Fulton Fish Market, New York City.


Offering a non- perishable, artificial bait developed for saltwater fishing.

"Bite Me Live Bait Co."

Produces and offers items from logo t-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps to bait shack furnishings and fresh and frozen bait.

"Bite Me Seafoods of Alaska"

Offers Alaska seafood including king crab, halibut, salmon, shrimp, and more.

"Black Diamond Computing"

Offers equipment and tackle, finest products of fly fishing equipments.

"Black Fish Cafe"

Produces real fresh seafood, local produce, seasonal vegetables, meats, salads, and a selection of Northwest beach favourites.

"Blackbear Smoked Salmon"

Produces and supplies smoked salmon and other products. Traditional supplies like handcrafted gift boxes, gourmet recipes.

"Blue Mountain Anglers & Fly Shop, LLC"

Offers tackle and gear, apparel, clearance items, and more. Produces rods, reels, lines etc.

"BlueSky Flyfishers"

Produces designs and hand-makes leaders and specialty fly line handling gear. Designers, crafters and distributors of flyfisheries.

"Blundell Seafoods Ltd."

Production, Supplier and Distributor of all kinds of seafood products worldwide.

"Bow River Troutfitters"

Specializes in fly fishing tackle as well as guide services and classes. Offers steelhead flyrods, flyreels, etc.

"Browne Trading Company, Inc."

Offers caviar, smoked fish, and specialty seafood products available for overnight delivery.


Supplier of flies, dry flies, streamers, nymphs, terrestrials, salmon steelhead, kits, and accessories.

"Budd Foods, Inc."

Manufacturers of high-end, fresh and frozen chicken, turkey, beef and seafood pies.

"Bumble Bee Seafoods, Inc."

Products in seafoods like salmon, oysters, crab, tuna, shrimp, figaro, clams, tuna salad.

"Burren Fish Products, Ltd."

Produces and delivers fresh Irish fish, smoked salmon, gourmet foods etc.

"Butch''s Live Lobster Sales"

Produces fresh stuffed lobster tails, homemade crabcakes and live Maine lobsters.

"C&W Industrial Fabrication & Marine Equipment Ltd."

Specializes in the production of Fish Harvesting, Unloading and Processing Equipment, and Aluminum Work Pleasure craft .

"C. A. Curtze Co."

Produce Seafood, Fresh Meat, Galss Ware, Equipments etc. Wholesale Grocer and food service distributor.

"C.W. Jenkins & Son, Inc."

Makers of custom cane fly rods, cane, reels, graphites etc, since 1961.

"Cajun Crawfish"

Produces a commercial freshwater crayfish farm for the process and market of Redclaw for both national and international markets.

"California Sea Food and Produce"

Produces seafoods, fresh asparagus, matsutake, mushrooms, kabocha, apples, cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines, etc.

"Camille''s Restaurant"

Produces fresh foods and seafoods. Offers consistent value, quality and service.

"Canadian Food Inspection Agency"

Maintenance of fish and fish products, and the inspection of fishing vessels, facilities used in the offloading and holding of fish.

"Canadian Gifts and Specialty Foods"

Markets Canadian specialty foods such as lobster pate and smoked Pacific salmon. Also offers Canadian souvenirs and gifts.

"Cape Cod Bay Seafood, Inc."

Offering a burger made out of salmon. Manufacturers and distributors of the Surfburger.

"Cape Cod Chowder Company"

Produces natural cape cod lobster bisque, cape cape cod clam chowder, cape cod lobster chowder.

"Capilano Pacific"

Capilano Pacific is a seafood processing and marketing company based in Bellingham, Washington with highest quality salmon from the Pacific Ocean.

"Cascade Crest Tools"

Producing fly tying material and tools for wholesale to dealers. Some of the products are Premium and Standard threads, Premium Saltwater Saddles.

"Ceatech USA, Inc."

Aquaculture company engaged in the growth and distribution of genetically improved Pacific White shrimp on the island of Kauai.

"Celtic Coast Seafoods Ltd"

Specialises in wild Irish smoked salmon. Providing quality Smoked Salmon to customers all over the World.


Specializes in quality custom flyrods and affordable rods. Business operated by anglers, for anglers of all ages, shapes and sizes.

"Chetco Seafood Co."

Produces quality seafood includes smoked albacore tuna, smoked oysters, smoked butterfish blackcod, etc.

"Chilean Seafood Exchange"

Producers of seafoods and norwegian producers of farm raised salmon and halibut.

"Choo Choo Fly & Tackle"

Offers fly fishing and fly tying equipment, classes in flyfishing and flytying, and travel fishing packages.

"Chou Young Corp."

Professional manufactor of spinning and fly reel in Taiwan. Produced high quality & performance fishing reel.

"Coal Point Seafood Co."

Produces fresh, wild, Alaskan seafood available for next day delivery. offers full services of custom sportsmen.

"Cold Water Fish Farms"

Supplies silver salmon and rainbow trout coldwater fish farm pansize salmon and trout for the wholesale market.

"Coldstream Seafood"

Offers Mcgilvray''s whole and sliced sides of smoked salmon as well as gift packs.

"Connecticut Valley Worm Farm"

Specializes in breeding Redworms and European nightcrawlers, vermiculture and vermicomposting products and supplies.

"Connors Seafoods Limited"

Manufacturer of quality seafood. Top quality prime fish are used to create some of the finest seafood dishes available in Europe today.

"Copper River Red"

Offering smoked and regular non-smoked salmon, fresh fish etc.

"Crescent City Crab, Inc."

Wholesale specialist in the overnight shipping of live Lake Pontchartrain blue crabs and seafood products.

"Dan Craft Enterprises"

Production of fishing rods, making custom fly and spinning rods, real seats, grip styles etc.

"Danica Trade International"

Product range covers frozen foods from fish and seafood to meat and poultry.

"Dave''s Albacore"

Offers line caught, dolphin safe gourmet seafood products including albacore tuna, smoked salmon, oysters, and gift packs.

"Dave''s Locker"

Produces frozen seafood, unique seafood appetizer is created with fresh, split, hardshell clams.

"David Berkley"

Produces speciality foods, fine wines and gourmet foods. Offering Crisp, Spicy, juicy sweet Apples, Pears, and Asian Pears.

"DB Outfitters & Recreational Enterprises, LLC"

Sells fishing equipment such as rabbit hair jigs and electronic bite detectors. Also offers a variety of animal handle walking.

"Deep Creek Custom Packing Inc."

Specializing in gourmet seafood products and gift packs, including fresh, frozen, smoked, and canned salmon and halibut.

"Deep Sea Fish of R.I., Inc."

Produces seafoods and frozen seafood, as squid monkfish, atlantic butterfish, etc.

"Deschutes River Outfitters"

Offers a full range of name brand fly fishing gear, equipment, and accessories. Also offers guide service througout central Oregon.

"Destin Seafood Market"

Distributor of fresh, wholesale seafood including shrimp, crab, lobster, scallops, and several varieties of fish.

"DiMare Seafoods Co., Inc."

Produces retails, and wholesale live lobster delivery.

"DOA Lures, Inc."

Fishing lures are developed by hard-core fishermen. Lures are made of soft plastic to resemble farm shrimp, crabs, and a variety of bait fish.

"Down Streams Products"

Offering the Downs Fly Box. Provides an organized approach and mobility while on the water.

"Dunns Dublin"

Produces traditional smoked Irish wild salmon. At Dunn''s, only salt, oak smoke and the best of Salmon belong to such a delicacy.


Produces and specializes in live Maine lobster with service guaranteed overnight.

"East Coast Seafood, Inc."

Distributor of live lobsters plus other fresh seafood. Offers convenience and quality unmatched in the industry.

"El Rosario S.A."

Producers, grows, processes, packs, and exports Ecuadorian white shrimp.


Fly shop offering supplies, instruction, guides, and regional information.

"Exporklore S.A."

Producers of Shrimp farming and packing company located in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

"Fab-Tech Industries Inc."

Suppliers of crab, fish and squid processing equipment, work and pleasure boats, and fruit and vegetable harvesting machinery.

"Fabian Seafood"

Supplies seasonally available fresh seafood throughout the central US.

"Factory Seafood Production"

Production of seafoods, fresh fish and commercial fisheries etc.

"Falcone Graphite Rods"

Makers of graphite rods, silver series rods, low rider series rods, saltwater series rods, expert series rods etc.

"Far East Cold Storage Ltd."

Producer and Exporter of shrimp and other sea food. Includes blacktiger shrimp, flower shrimp, brown shrimp, pink shrimp etc.

"Fibras Industriale''s S.A. Fisa"

Manufactures nets, ropes, and twine products for long line, gillnet, purse seine, and trawl fishing.

"Finger Lakes Aquaculture"

Supplies a variety of fish species for pond stocking. Products are trout, crayfish, golden shiner, grass crap etc.

"Fish Master Inc."

Produces fresh gulf grouper, yellowtail, mangrove, mutton, snapper, pink shrimp, Florida lobster, and stone crab claws in season.

"Fish Peddler Inc.,"

Produces fresh fish, seafood, fresh florida stone crab claws, ultimate shrimp, lobsters, seafood salads etc.

"Fish Stix"

Production of custom fishing rods, baits, lures, reel designs, of all classes.

"Fisherman''s Center"

Production in complete custom tackle and bait shop specializing in custom fishing rods.

"Fisherman''s Factory Outlet"

Offers rods, reels, bait, and accessories. Produces spinning reels, saltwater rod, lighting rod, trigger stick.

"Fishery Products International Ltd."

Production, distribution and suppliers of various kinds of seafoods.

"FitzCarlson Flyshop"

Suppliers of wetflies, salmon flies, dry flies, fly tying kits, accessories, and books.

"Fjord Seafood"

Production of Seafoods, Salmon, trout etc. Produces table fish process.

"FlyRiver.com, inc."

Offers a wide range of fly fishing tackle and accessories as well as relevant links, information, and resources.

"Fosters Downeast Clambake Inc."

Services in catering and shipping lobsters, clams, and chowder nationwide, as well as serving visitors to their Pavillion.

"Frionor U.S.A. Inc."

Provides frozen fish fillets and seafood products for the foodservice industry.


Processor and distributor of farm-raised catfish products and Bayou shrimp.

"Gambaro''s Seafoods"

Production and seafood suppliers of fresh seafood to the local and overseas markets.

"GlacierView Seafoods, Ltd."

Produces and specializes in smoked and gourmet Cajun oysters.

"Gold Claw"

Offering overnight shipping of lobster dinners, caviar, and gift certificates.

"Gourmet Retail Corporation"

Provides natural caviar and lobster roe harvested from selected stock with a minimum of salt content.

"Gourmet''s Delight"

Gourmet''s Delight prepared seafood (clams/oysters) producer for dealers and brokers.

"Great American Smokehouse"

Produces Chinook Salmon, Salmon Lox, Albacore Tuna, Trout, and Steelhead are popular Smokehouse products.

"Great Eastern Mussel Farms"

Distributes mussels and clams to restaurants and retails directly to customers.

"Great Eastern Seafood"

Produces varieties of seafoods. Deliver unmatched service along with highest quality product on a daily basis.

"Green Head Lobster Company"

Green Head Lobster Company is a seafood distributor in Stonington, Maine. Specializes in overnight delivery of live Maine Lobster.

"Greenwich Bay Clam, Inc."

Products in fresh clams, quahogs, mussels and clam bakes in a can shipped overnight.

"Grossman''s Seafood"

Produces and Supplies freshest, most succulent lobsters, clams, oysters, mussels, sea scallops.


Produces shrimp and cultivation cycle of shrimp from the cleaning and preparation of the grow-out ponds to the harvesting of the shrimp.

"Gulf Seafood LLC"

Processing, export customer brands , import and distribution of seafood products.

"H & S Seafood Market"

Specializes in shrimp harvested from the Gulf of Mexico. Deliveries are fresh frozen.

"H.M. Johnson and Associates."

Production of seafoods like salmon, trout, crab, tuna, cod, halibut, pollock, catfish, tilapia etc.

"Hattie''s Chowder House"

Produce maine lobster stew as well as wonderful soups and chowders, salads and sandwiches, dinner baskets and an array of other goodies.

"High Mountain Angler"

Offers handcrafted rods and fly fishing guide service on the rivers of northern New Mexico.

"Hillman Shrimp and Oyster Co."

Producer of cryogenically frozen halfshell oysters. Premium quality Eastern Oysters are topped with a delicious blend of herbs and seasonings.

"Hwanam Philippines Inc."

Manufactures canned seafood products including oysters, mussels, clams, shrimps, and more.

"Interior Alaska Fish Processors, Inc. Santa smoke house"

Offer smoked salmon, reindeer sausage and more of Alaska''s seafood.

"International Seafood Distributors Inc.,"

Produces Croaker, Sea scallop, Bay scallop, Squid, Monkfish, Spotfish, Spinny Dogfish, Smooth Dogfish, Blue crab etc.

"International Seafoods of Alaska Inc."

Producers of quality fresh and fresh-frozen seafood - cod, pollock, halibut, salmon, herring, rockfish, roes, soles and flounders etc.

"Intersea Fisheries West Inc.,"

Producer and supplier of seafood as cod, halibut, pollock, and sole fillets that specializes in West Coast products.

"Island Style Smoked Trout"

Preparing trout fillets with a secret blend of 100% authentic Jamaican spices.

"James L. Reams Rod Company"

Production of hand made bamboo rods. Quality bamboo rods cast better and give more control to anglers than graphite rods.

"Jing International"

Specializing in the import and export of quality seafood as well as a processor of seafood products.

"Johnny''s Seafood"

Wholesale distributor and retailer of the finest fresh, frozen and smoked seafood products available.

"Joslin''s Handmade Bamboo Fly Rods"

Production of custom rods and landing nets. Protection of custom made flyrod, hand made hexagon wood rod cases are also available.

"Junnie''s Cattracker Bait Company"

Produces all-natural baits and gear designed to appeal to catfishing.

"Just Caviar"

Offers beluga and salmon eggs. Produces fresh fish, salmon, smoked salmon, caviar, gourmet foods, etc.

"JW Bamboo Flyrods"

Specialize in the art of building fine hand made custom bamboo fly rods and the restoration of older rods.

"Key West Seafood"

Offers fresh lobsters, shrimp, crabs, and more from Key West shipped overnight.

"King & Prince Seafood Corporation"

Production and supplier of frozen seafood to foodservice industry, including shrimp, seafood dips, lobster, oysters, scallops and more.

"Kinlochawe & Company Ltd."

Purveyors of smoked trout, from Ford, Scotland. Produce and sell the finest smoked trout and salmon.

"Kinvara Irish Smoked Salmon Ltd"

Producer and sells organic smoked salmon. Finest quality Irish Salmon marinated in sugar, salt and brandy then covered in dill a delicacy.

"Kyle LeBlanc Crayfish Farms"

Provides boiled or live crawfish, rabbit meat, sausages, and other Louisiana food products.

"La Mer Seafood Co."

Specializing in live and steamed lobster, lobsterbakes, and fresh seafood.

"Ladex Corporation"

Producing the highest quality shrimp throughout the world. Cristalia shrimp, Chapin shrimp are the various products of shrimp.


Producer, retailer and wholesaler of fresh, frozen, and smoked fish and seafood.

"Lake Taneycomo"

Produces Rainbow and Brown Trout fishery. Provide some of the finest trout fishing available anywhere in the world.

"Legal Sea Foods, Inc."

Produces varieties of seafoods and other items. Supplies lobsters, clambakes, surf&turf etc.


Production of handcrafted fly fishing casting and spinning rods. Includes custom rod components for fly, salt water, and bass fishing.

"Linton''s Seafood"

Offers overnight delivery of Maryland blue crabs, shrimp, lobster, oysters, and various other Chesapeake Bay seafood.

"Lively Lobsters"

Provides overnight delivery of live New England lobster. Also features recipes, handling and cooking instructions, and more.

"LM Foods LLC"

Producers of Surimi Seafood and traders in the world. Sourcing raw material, sharing technological developments, innovative packaging designs.

"Lobster Direct"

Products in Live Maine and Nova Scotia Lobster, smoked salmon, gifts, novelties.

"Lobster Gram"

Specializing in live lobster, lobster tails, crab heaven, clambakes, gourmet steaks and seafood gift baskets.

"Lobster Stuff"

Offers fresh, oven-ready, baked and stuffed lobster for overnight delivery.

"Loiusina Crawfish Co."

Production and shipment of premium select live crawfish to wholesale customers throughout the United States.

"Long Wharf Seafood"

Retail and wholesale fresh seafood shipped anywhere in the US vis UPS daily.

"Los Rios Anglers, Inc."

Produces of fly shop offering gear, guides and private water access.

"Lou''s Smoke House"

Specializes in smoked fish and shrimp as well as seafood jerky. Including smoked salmon, trout, whitefish, ciscoes, and herring.

"Louisiana Fine Foods"

Louisiana style fish, shrimp, crab, lobster, crawfish, oysters, alligator, turtle, duck, quail.

"Love Maine Lobster"

Offers overnight delivery of Maine lobsters and complete lobster dinners.

"Lund''s Fisheries Inc."

Wholesale supplier of fresh and frozen seafood to the east and west coast of the United States.

"Lyons and O''Haver Inc."

Specializes in fish, bird, and game reproductions. Licensed to accept raw trophy shipments from around the world.

"Macgregors Meat and Seafood Ltd."

Production of seafoods and meat. Foodservice supplier and processor of private label products.

"Madison Avenue Caviarteria Inc"

Offers caviar, salmon, foie gras, wine, fresh gourmet foods and more.

"Magic Products Inc"

Produces worm bedding and food, bait containers, accessories, plastic lures and more.

"Maine Lobster & Seafood Company, Ltd., Inc."

Offers live Maine lobster, lobster tails, shipped overnight to home or office.

"Maine Lobster Direct"

Offers whole live lobsters or tails, complete lobster bakes, and gift baskets that can be shipped overnight.


Produces and Offers farm-raised Atlantic salmon smoked with applewood.


Offer top quality products including fresh seafood, fresh produce, top quality meats, etc.

"Market Sales Company"

Producing seafood processing, vacuum pakaging machines, fish skinning equipment, smokehouses, food processing, meat packers.


Production of reels, rods, tools and accessories. Products includes spinning rods, flyrods etc.

"Matt Parkhurst & Sons, Ltd."

Specializes in the sale and shipping of retail and wholesale lobsters.

"McLaughlin Seafood, Inc"

Produces and ships seafood, fresh Maine lobster, scallops, crab meat, clam and mussel.

"Mendo Bistro"

Produce finest local seafood, produce, beer and wine as well as house made fresh pastas.


Produces Fresh, frozen, or pasteurized crabmeat and crab products for food service, retail fish stores and supermarkets, serving seafood gourmets.

"Mid-Atlantic Foods, Inc."

Mid atlantic foods made a packers of high quality clam and seafood products.

"Middlebay Seafood, Inc."

Produces fresh Maine seafood products. In coastal Maine they bring fisherman-direct lobsters from the ocean and ship by same-day air freight.

"Mivila Corporation"

Production in canned goods, dry goods, frozen foods, produce, seafood, dairy products, baking goods.

"Model Boats.net"

Produces sail, tug, and fishing boats, produces fine handcrafted model sailing ships.

"Nebraska''s Famous Steaks"

Productions in turkey, pork, jerky, seafood, meat cheese combinations, and incredible desserts.

"New Wave Seafoods"

Produces seafoods, such as fresh fish, fresh shellfish, frozen seafoods, chilled foods, smoked foods etc.

"Northern Haserot"

Producer and distributor of meat, seafood, food service equipment and everything else.


Offers beluga caviar and wild scottish smoked salmon, fresh caviar, scottish salmon, foi gras.

"Ocean Galley Seafood"

Producers and Distributors of fresh and frozen seafood. Producers of value added seafood products.


Offering and delivering fresh seafood as halibut fillets, prawns, coho salmon, crab, variety of smoked fish etc.

"Old Florida Fly Reel Company"

Production and Manufactures precision machined fly fishing reels. Professional quality of fresh and saltwater fishing reels.

"Ole Florida Fly Shop, Inc."

Offers a salt water fly fishing outfitter in southern Florida.

"Olsen Fish Company"

Supplying church suppers and retailers across the country with the finest Lutefisk available on either side of the ocean.

"Outdoor Creations, Inc."

Produces ice fishing equipment and accessories for ice augers and ice fishing tackle.

"Overton Fisheries"

Specializes in the delivery of stocker fish to lakes and ponds. Offer several management services including water quality testing.

"Pacific Seafood Processors Association"

World''s leading producers of quality seafood products.

"Pacific Smoked Salmon"

Products in pink salmon, sockeye salmon, etc. The world''s finest smoked salmon.

"Percy Tackle Co. Inc."

Offers brand name tackle and equipment for fly fishing including leaders, flies, tying kits, and creels.

"Phos Precision Flyreels"

Production and Manufacturing affordable high-tech fly fishing reels. Produce reels with the latest high-tech features will surpass the premium reels.

"Pieters Visbedrijf NV"

Specalized in the supply, processing, sales and distribution of high quality seafood.


Produces ships live or cooked Maine lobster and other Maine seafood overnight to anywhere in the U.S.

"Prime Select Seafoods, Inc."

Fishermen specializing in Copper River salmon - fresh, fresh frozen, smoked, and canned. Gift packs available.

"Prince Edward Island Oyster Co."

Specializes in cultivating and selling Malpeque Oysters.

"Pure Food Fish Market"

Produces salmon, crab, king crab, smoked salmon, halibut and other types of seafood shipped fresh overnight.


Producers and Manufacturers of Browns and Cooks Meats, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Seafood, Pizza.

"Queen Marine Food Co.,Ltd."

Producer and packer of frozen black tiger shrimp and loligo squid, cuttle fish, baby octopus, shrimp cake.

"Quinault Pride Seafoods Products"

Produces regular and smoked salmon, clams, tuna, and sturgeon. Offers a variety of delightful seafood products.


Provides live bait and equipment to retailers. Also offers game fish for private pond stocking.

"Raffield Fisheries, Inc."

Producer and packager of fresh seafood. Product contains blue fish, craw fish, croaker, shrimp, lady fish etc.

"Rande''s Replicas, Inc"

Quality reproduction fish mounts for the fisherman''s and fish enthusiast''s home, gallery, office, cabin, or game room.

"REC Components"

Makers of fly fishing rod components and cases. It includes reel seats, rod bags, wood spacers etc.

"Reelwood Inc."

Produces and Offers hand-crafted bamboo fly rods and rebuilds existing rods.


Manufacturer of fly tying vises, accessories, and tools. Finest fly tying equipment featuring quality versatility and the best craftsmanship.

"Rich-SeaPak Corporation"

Processor and Marketer of value-added frozen food products such as popcorn shrimp, crab cakes, and Farm Rich cheese sticks.

"Rier Smoked Salmon Co."

Producing Hot Smoked Salmon or Smoke Roasted or Kippered or Baked, Cold Smoked Salmon or Lox or Nova.

"Risky Business Seafood Co"

Produces fresh seafood, oysters, scallops, shrimps, lobsters, etc and shipped daily.

"River Run Angler''s Spey Shop"

Offers rod, lines, eels, rodbuilding components, fly dressing, woven flys, and weaver.

"Robert Mann Packaging"

Specializes in seafood, flower and produce packaging. Distributor and manufacturer of corrugated containers.

"Roger''s Fishing Resources"

Information on, rods, reels, boats, motors, trailers, electronics, and more.


Produce and export various frozen aquatic products, including fish, shrimp, squid, octopus, etc.

"Sahlman Seafoods Inc."

Produces and wholesale shrimp - catch, process, farm and market shrimp, shrimp trawlers for sale.

"Salmon Village"

Offers a selection of smoked salmon products and other Canadian specialties.

"Santa Monica Seafood Co."

Wholesaler and Retailer of fresh and frozen seafood. Products like shellfish, hot & cold smoked seafood and prepared fish meals.


Largest exporter and producer of seafoods such as Octopus, Shellfish, Squid and Cuttlefish! Exporting to countries in Europe, the Asia Pacific.


Process and pack product for U.K. and export high quality of seafood which is packed and served to customers with maximum.

"SeaBear Smoke house"

Produces smoked and nova style salmon, chowder, chili, and desserts.

"Seafood of hilton head"

Produces fresh frozen shrimp, oysters, crabcakes, and alligator tail meat are harvested and processed.


Produces the best and purest naturally wild, hook-and-line caught, salmon, halibut, sablefish and rockfish.

"Seafood Warehouse"

Offers fresh and frozen seafood directly from docks in Louisiana and Florida.


Delivers fresh seafood and Maine lobster overnight. Consistently delivering the finest and freshest seafood available.

"Seamaster Corp."

Manufacturers of hand-crafted saltwater fly fishing reels. The pinnacle of perfection in fine handcrafted angloing equipment.

"Seaport Fish Direct"

Offers a range of fresh seafood including Maine lobster, Maryland crabcakes, gulf shrimp, flounder, and salmon.

"SeaSpecialties, Inc."

Produces smoked salmon, smoked fish, lox, nova, white fish, nova salmon, sturgeon, kippered salmon, florida smoked fish etc.

"Seastar Seafoods"

Processors of quality salted, driedand fresh fish products.

"SeaSun International Co."

Producer of dynamic innovator specialized in frozen seafood. Supply the finest quality farm raised salmon and trout.

"Seattle Caviar Company"

Specialize in caviar and traditional essentials including champagne, truffles, foie gras and cigars.

"Shenandoah Mills"

Producers of high quality dry mixes including - Seafood chicken batters breaders, pancakes, biscuits, cornbread, gravies, corndogs, etc.

"Shore-To-Do Seafood"

Offers the finest and fresh florida''s seafood. Produces delicious products of stone crab claws and other seafood products.

"Shrimp and Seafood"

Delivering and offering shrimp, scallops and oysters. Offer the best and highest quality products available on the market.


Produces oysters, shrimp, crawfish, sells peeled, headless, and head on shrimp.

"Smooth Drag"

Produces an extensive selection of replacement drag washers for fishing reels.

"Sogelco International Inc."

Producer, Export, Lobsterine, Crabsterine, foodstuff, fish, lobster, crab, meat, beef, pork, poultry, lamb, poisson, homard, crabe, etc.


Produces and grows, packages and exports premium white shrimp from Ecuador.

"South Fresh Farm''s"

Grower, processor, and international distributer of farm-raised catfish.

"Southern Pride Catfish Company"

Producer and supplier of fine seafood, grain fed, farm raised catfish on the wholesale seafood market.

"Spring Valley Trout"

Offers trout fishing in a stocked pond, as well as eggs and live fish for production or pond stocking.

"Stavis Seafoods, Inc."

Stavic Seafood is a producer, wholesaler and supplier of varieties of seafoods.

"Sterling Caviar"

Offering many styles including classic, premium, royal black, and imperial. Produced by the Stolt Sea Farm.

"Stoller Fisheries Inc."

Offers Kosher processing, roe, caviar, and freshwater fish products.

"Storm Seafoods Inc.,"

Production of Seafoods, Salmon. The quality of salmon fry is the result of a unique and ongoing breeding program.

"Strait-Way Design, LLC"

Offers a rotary fly tying vise with hook clamping system, adaptible hook height and size capabilities, and adjustible rotary tension.

"StrikeMaster Ice Augers"

Produces ice fishing equipment, apparel, and accessories. Controls the manufacturing of components parts.

"Sugartown Smoked Specialties, Inc."

Products as smoked fish, smoked fowl, smoked ribs, recipes, gift packages.

"Summer Isles Foods"

Offers smoked salmon - traditional Scottish and Glen Moray whisky cure as well as Achiltibuie kippers and smoked trout.


Producing and exporting various kinds of fish products. Includes crabs, shrimp tail, lobster tail etc.

"Swisss Corporation"

Supplies chitin, chitosan, protein and shrimp products. Supplier of quality shrimp products for buyers in the United States and Switzerland.


Manufacturer of agar-agar powder, supplier of canned sardines, fruits, abalone, pacific clams, sea asparagus, and more.

"Tampa Maid Foods, Inc."

Leading supplier of quality value-added seafood and specialty products to the food industry.


Production of Shrimp, Snook, Snapper, Mackerel, Curvina, Mullet, sailfish and Dolphin abound in these waters.

"The Albert Fisher Group PLC"

Fisher Foods Ltd is a leading supplier of frozen and chilled produce and seafood etc.

"The Choice of Life"

Wholesale distributor of canned seafood with added natural flavoring.

"The Creek Company"

Manufactures personal fishing craft, flyfishing accessories, and tackle bags.

"The Fish House"

Specializes in fresh local seafood including yellowtail snapper, mahi-mahi, grouper, Florida lobster, and stone crab.

"The Hook & Hackle Company"

Offers Fly rods, fly reels, fly lines, leaders, accessories, waders, rod building components, rod cases, ffly tying tools, hooks.

"The Lobster Trap Co."

Producer and Wholesale Dealers of Fresh Seafood Live Lobsters, Shellfishes, Clambakes.

"The Lobster Trap Co."

Wholesale dealers of fresh seafood and live lobsters offering overnight shipping.

"The Morey Fish Company LLC"

Offering fresh and smoked fish, gift baskets and more. Products are hot smoked salmon fillets, nova lox etc.

"The Surfing Lobsters"

Produces lobsters, scallops, oysters, shrimp cocktail platter, cape cod chowder delivered overnight.

"The Tackle Shop, Inc."

Products in fly fishing supplies, flies, tackle, reels/rods waders, vests, nets, boots, etc.

"The Town Dock, Inc."

Products in fresh and frozen seafood. Main product lines include squid, cleaned calamari, fillet, herring and mackerel.

"The Trout Fisher, Inc."

Offers fly fishing supplies, chat room, and customer''s photo gallery.

"TL Services, Inc."

Offers rods, accessories, and leaders for flyfishing in all conditions. Produces fishing tackle service.

"Tomcod Custom Tackle"

Produces and offers custom swim baits, rods, spinner baits, jigs and reels.

"Toms Guns and Fly fishing"

Offers flyfishing gear, fly rods, flies, reels, fly tying, wulff fly lines and other accessories.

"Tony''s Seafood Inc."

Produces livefish, deli, order cajun seafood, spices, and delicacies. Next day shipping.

"Totem Smokehouse"

Offers the highest quality smoked salmon and gourmet seafood to customers.

"Trapper''s Creek Smoking Company"

Producers of smoked salmon and salmon snack foods, and sausages, including game.


Retails fresh seafoods as oysters, shrimp, crab, lobster, catfish etc.

"Trilogy Marine Manufacturing Inc."

Produces crabs and developes an easy and inexpensive way for customer to retain the legal crab that crawl in and out.

"Trisome Foods, Inc."

Producer, Wholesaler and distributors of seafood, bay scallops, ehite shrimp, brown shrimp, prawns etc.

"Tsar Nicoulai Caviar"

American caviar company offering Beluga, Osetra, sevruga, Gold Pearl Salmon, and Golden caviar.

"Uncle Josh Bait Company"

Specialists in pork rind bait. Also selling ice fishing bait, lures, and other fishing supplies.

"Unisea Foods Inc."

Producers of quality seafood products, such as Pollock, Pacific Cod, Opilio Crab, King Crab and Halibut.

"Valeik LTD."

Seafood production and supply company, specializing in dried cod. Handles all species of fish, according to customer demand.

"West Fish AS"

Production fos seafoods, supply a wide range of fish products and catering market, as well as fresh, frozen, salted and dried fish.

"Wharton Seafood Sales"

Produces a variety of seafood products as well as Hawaiian specialty foods.

"White Pine Foods, Inc."

Specializes rainbow trout and trout dinners for corporate and personal gifts.

"Whitney and Son Seafoods"

Florida''s finest wholesale seafood distributors. Products are shrimp, lobsters, freshfish, squid etc.

"Whitney''s Bait and Tackle"

Produces and offers rods, reels, bait, and accessories for pier and surf fishing.

"Whole Sale Bait Company Inc"

Produce, supply and distribute live bait products, packaged baits, and dealer supplies.

"Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon"

Offers Alaskan salmon, smoked salmon, king crab, shrimp, caviar, and more.

"Will''s Taxidermy"

Specializes in freshwater and saltwater reproductions, fish and skin mounts, and underwater fish scenes.

"Willie P. Richardson''s Catfish Magic"

Producer, distributors and dealers of catfish. Specializes in cheese dough bait for catching catfish.

"Windward Seafoods"

Provides fresh, frozen, portion controlled, smoked and specialty seafood products to the North American Market.

"Wohlford Bamboo Fly Rods"

Offers handcrafted bamboo fly rods. Also home to The Ultimate Bamboo Fly Rod Library with various resources for fly fishing.

"Wolf Creek Productions, Inc."

Specializing in hunting and fishing and outdoor programs. Produces Bowhunter Magazine''s, American Archer etc.

"Worldwaters.com, Inc."

Offers fly fishing, bass fishing, fresh conventional fishing and salt conventional fishing etc.

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